Thursday, December 31, 2009

San Francisco Elopement Wedding Photographer Elizabeth & Anthony are MARRIED!

How about a slideshow instead? WAY faster to make than a blog post!

Annette & Tim up next! Almost done!

Yeah, ok, so it runs kinda slow. Hey! At least it works!! :D
FYI: I opened my scanner to start sending out copies of contracts. Yeah, it was smashed to pieces. The glass. Seriously. It hasn't moved since I bought it, and yet somehow, was smashed to pieces. There was glass EVERYWHERE. So I can't scan. (::SCREAMS::)

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Amanda Good said...

WTF? That's weird about the scanner! I have an extra you can borrow for a while if you need it... I bought a wireless printer a while ago and use the old one as a backup (rarely ever).