Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who thinks Tori and Jon are too-too cute?!

I found this anciently old email in my inbox from 2006 in which some random person on Craig's List felt the need to very nastily criticize my work, call me irresponsible and told me to go back to school. (At the time I already had my BA and was in law school, btw. LOL)

This was all random, unsolicited advice/nastiness. My response was very polite, and addressed the person's "concerns" (LOL).   Interestingly enough, the person who emailed this monstrosity to me, was also someone on my current Facebook FRIENDS LIST! They had sent the email a year or two before they "friended" me and because of the volume of names in my head, I certainly didn't recognize their name. (And vice versa, obviously). So of course I brought this up with the person as a "ha ha" sometimes we say things we don't mean- well,  they got embarrassed and deleted me off their list. Which just makes me laugh harder, because this person friended me- they looked at my work, and  liked it; we both happened to also share the same photo teacher from 10+ years ago, and I was like, "what the hell, sure, I'll be your friend." LOL Anyway, water off my back, right? One of the "insults" hurled at me 4 years ago, when I was first starting out and mostly had no idea what I was doing, was that my pictures were over saturated and over exposed.

I was just whipping up these pictures for Tori and Jon as I take a break from Tiffany & Donny's wedding and I can't help but feel that although my work has evolved a TON in the last four years, I also  haven't changed all THAT much either. I still like my pictures over saturated and overexposed. Because I think they are beautiful like that. ;) So sue me. I also like them undersaturated and underexposed sometimes too. Call me a rebel. :)



So thank you, dear mean person because you identified something which has actually become an integral part of my "style."  Finding my own style helped me love my job and my own work!

The job market has not been treating me so kindly lately and it looks like I am back to taking clients again. Just putting the word out there. If anybody's looking for a wedding photographer who loves her work- :)  - just let me know!


Jayde said...

There will always be people out there who find it easier to critisize than to admire. Ignore them and keep doing what you're doing. Your photos look great to me and if the clients are happy with your work, they're the ones who matter! Good luck with the client hunt!

April said...

I like your photos just the way they are, I think they rock! People can be such asshats sometimes!