Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This whole week is going to be SO busy. I can already feel the water going over my head! Someone remind me to yank myself out of this bathtub before I drown... (Yes, I need a lifeguard for the bathtub.)

I am pounding away at my edits as usual, zeroing in on closing up Rosie & Terry's e-session, which means I can move along to their wedding, which is half done already (ahead of the game-YES!- fist pump!) leaving three sessions on my list, which of course, each take forever to process, but this means that I am so, so close to being on top of things this year! Yay! Wouldn't it be so awesome if I was only (GASP) working on one thing at a time this year? :-O  (I know, try not to pee your pants with excitement.)

The biggest goal on my list is to get these durn master discs out. I got the cover letters printed tonight for about ten or so, and those are going to go out as soon as I can smush it into my day. I also mixed up the labels so I have some backtracking to do to make sure they are still correct!

Total bummer, I lost my car registration form, forgot about it, found it and RATS I have to get my practically brand new (it's only 6 years old, come on! It's an infant!) car SMOGGED, like NOW. I can go to any old place to get it done, but it's been so long since I've had a junker that needed to be smogged I don't remember how to do this. Hmmph. I also have to go down to the DMV or AAA and scream at somebody because they added the cost of a ticket THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR more than SIX months ago- almost SEVEN now! for being a dollar short going over the Golden Gate Bridge (still kicking myself over that one. But who carries cash anymore?). I paid by check so I have the canceled check in my bank account scanned whatevers thing, so I can prove I paid it. Hope this isn't more complicated than I am thinking it is probably going to be.

...Even MORE fun, I just went to print off a copy of the check that the state cashed, and it's not in my checking account anymore because it happened more than 120 days ago. So now I have to deal with bank customer service. THUMBS DOWN!

Here's something to cheer you folks up, since I'm a Debbie Downer today.

Say "Hi" to Cassie, Jakey, Jakey again, Angelina, Matilda, Tank, Clarence and Amelia and Amelia again. :)

Now who doesn't feel better now? :)
These are their "school pictures" from last year. They need new ones done soon.

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Alisa and David said...

The animal pics always make me feel better =} Good luck with the DMV thing, sounds like a disaster.......they can't get things straight. Don't let them get you down...BE HAPPY!!