Sunday, May 2, 2010

Serrano Country Club Wedding Pictures Carrie & Richard

Carrie and Rich-ard sittin' in a tree, M A R R I E D! :p

all rights reserved copyright emily heizer

Ok, and the following video, just an FYI there is NO artistry in this at all. I was just taking those pictures as fast as I possibly could. All of these were taken during the duration of this song. LOL These really aren't images i would typically post anywhere, but LOL I really think y'all should consider hiring Carrie's family to perform at all of your wedding receptions. Out of all the weddings I have done over these years, so many I lost count at 150... NEVER have I had a group of people this awesome at a reception ever. LOL I want to be adopted.

Make sure you at least watch up tot he point where all of the women are lying on the floor in their nice dresses with their legs in the air. LOL Flickr randomly cuts off my clip, but you get the idea of what it was like. I'll replace the clip with either the full-length I made, or re-do it with just the good pics fit within their (apparent) clip time limit.


Cindy Schultz said...

Totally hot! LOVE the details and the yummy light. Beautiful work!

Shannon said...

I love-love the pic of them with the truck! They were soooo much fun to work with. I loved the flowers and colors she chose.