Monday, May 31, 2010

Who's your Daddy?

Ok! We are going to play a game today! I want you all to meet sweet lil Jaxton, the flirty lil baby of one of my old bridal clients! I met up with them again this weekend to photograph the newest member of their little family. :)


Isn't he so sweet? Now, this lil cutie has what I think is a very striking feature which he shares with his Daddy. Below you will see a series of pictures of my past grooms on their wedding days, before they had kids (if they have any... some of these guys don't!).
One of these handsome men is the father of baby Jaxton!
Do you think you can match Jaxton up with the right groom? LOL

Potential Father A:

Potential Father B:

Potential Father C:

Potential Father D:

Potential Father E:

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and leave your vote! The sooner you vote, the sooner you will find out the answer to our Maury Povich drama over here. ;)

So tell me... WHO'S THE DADDY?



The winner can pick which kind of post I do next, or ask any burning questions they have of me for another Q & A session! Or, just relish in the knowledge they have a good eye. ;)


Amanda said...

So funny! I'm not sure who the father is, but I hope it's not B!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

LOL!!! SHHH! Although, they do have the SAME name! ;)

April said...

I'm going to say C. The nose looks similar! What a beautiful baby!

Livlife said...

I'm voting A. It's in the eyes...

Alisa and David said...

My vote is A.....and David said A too, do we count twice?

Emily Heizer Photography said...

That depends on whether you consider yourselves one person or two Alisa? LOL

Amanda Good said...

I vote C. I love the first comment posted! Bahahaha

Anya Coleman said...

I'm voting B.

Java said...

That baby's eyes are beautiful! He has the longest eyelashes!

I'm voting for B!!

Java said...

Hey no talk of grandbabies just yet!! haha!

I forgot to tell you that I LOVED that bathing suit you have! In fact, I saw one today that is just like it but they didn't have my size! Of course!! I'm going to keep searching! Thanks for the the tip!!

Gail said...


Sarah Linebarger said...

i say is #E, there is something about the eyebrows...

Sarah Linebarger said...

I think its #E, there is something about the eyebrows

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I've voting C. My first thought was A but we'll go with C. What a fun game!!

Lisa E. said...


Anonymous said...

Cecy here :)

I think it's A, only because I can't tell if any of the other daddy's have blue eyes... .

That baby is gorgeous. I want to steal it.