Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Simple Plea for Mercy!

I recently sat down and realized that my regular work hours, per week, at a minimum, exceed 90 hours a week. And I do work all 7 days per week. My correspondence, as it has for the last year, still sucks! This is why I need an intern! (Anybody? All parties whom have expressed high interest do not live locally! LOL [Hello Ms. Perth Australia!] I need to post an ad on CL I think... when I have time!)

But, although correspondence gets like, a D+ at the moment, my editing and turnover times are fantastic and I am totally proud of myself. This is where the pleading comes in!

The oldest order I am working on right now was shot 10 days ago.

This means no one has been waiting any longer than 10 days.

Only the people whom I have worked with in the last 10 days (5 sets of clients + fam & friends) are waiting on images. Everyone else has been taken care of.

So, please, try your very hardest not to check in with me on the status of your images at this time. My turnover times last year were, at the very worst period 12-16 weeks. Right now, I'm getting you guys done in 5-14 days. I know everyone wants to see their pictures and I am working as fast as I possibly can, however, every moment I am spending on email responding to those, "How's it coming?" from XYZ whose pictures I shot a mere 36 hours ago are moments I am not working on your pictures and thereby delaying the time until you get to see them! Also, answering all of those emails (there are many... from many people so this is not directed at any one person!) is taking time away from the people I NEED to talk to, which are the people I am trying to get scheduled in for their sessions and go over wedding details and answering questions and giving advice to "my" new moms and brides as we prepare for our meetings.

PLEASE know that I am working as fast as possible and I will email you as soon as the images are completed. It is not going to be a long wait, but I appreciate your patience in waiting at least a few weeks before starting to check in. Ok? Pretty please? If you find me a nice, young little intern-slave they can answer all your emails, all day long, LOL, but until then, since my cats can't type so it's just me.

Thanks guys.


PS: My sweet baby Amelia had surgery this week on her mouth and she is home on painkillers and drinking kitty milk MY POOR BABY! (And my poor pocketbook, OMG I am going to have to move into a cardboard box behind the dumpster to pay her bills!)

PPS: To those of you that I NEED to be talking to for scheduling, I'm sorry I'm so retarded! Feel free to smack me upside the head if we ever get you down on the calendar, ok? Just know that I have room for ALL of you and we will get you ALL done with plenty of time. I've scheduled everything very carefully so I can keep up this pace on post-processing. It's just a matter of penciling you in. (And if you know any photography wanna-be slaves, send them my way and I can hire them to schedule you.)

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I hope this post helps! It's a nice way of saying "lay off" without being rude!! Sit back, take a deep breath and go eat a popsicle or something! Don't get stressed!