Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who's the Daddy: RESULTS!

A couple of days ago I posed this very important question:
WHO is Jax's Dad?


I had high hopes internet, very high hopes... Tisk, tisk. I thought more of you! Your votes were all over the place! I had the ultimate faith in your ability to eyeball paternity tests. For SHAME! We will have to work on this some more and play again some day. Perhaps I made it too difficult by using all of your dashingly handsome husbands as potential candidates? Anyway...

The results... drum roll please....

The internet has spoken, and they have proclaimed, with a solid majority vote,

Potential Father A to be the sire of this strapping young lad!


And that would be WRONG! EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNN! (buzzer noise)

Matt, of Matt & Courtney who married in the fall of 2008 at Arden Hills Country Club, isn't even a father yet! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

The second number of votes was TIED for potential fathers B (Josh & Amanda) & C (Josh & Krista):

and Potential Fathers D (Chris & Tadina) & E (Pete & Mackenzie) each received one vote as well!


If you had paid attention, you would have seen Josh's wife Amanda (#B) posted a comment hoping it wasn't his kid because it certainly wasn't HERS! LOL (Josh & Amanda are living in Italy now too, so I would have to go a very long ways to do baby pictures should any bratlings ;) come along, but I am TOTALLY willing. Just putting that out there. :)

Jests aside, there can only be ONE FATHER and he is......



Joshua, of Josh & Krista, married in May of 2008 at the Zinfandel Grille in Rocklin (Now closed) and welcomed Jaxton into their family last fall.

The feature I was talking about was Jaxton's EYES! Look at this kid's eyelashes! He is Daddy all over! The first thing I said when I saw Jax was "WOW you look like your Mommy and Daddy!" (Because, yes, I am truly that lame.)

Look at this handsome devil! How could he be anyone but Josh's with those eyelashes! :)
all rights reserved copyrighted emily heizerPhotobucket

The winners of the eyeball paternity test are CLEARLY April Ingram, Amanda Good and Debbie does Dinner Healthy! Good eye, good eye girls!

Now everyone take a step back and admire this sweet lil baby. :)

all rights reserved copyrighted emily heizer

Everyone's been gettin' pregnant and havin' babies lately and I gotta tell you, that biological clock of mine is ticking so frickin' loud my ears are ringing! Anyone have an asprin?


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Good to know! I guessed right. It's hard to tell from pictures though. Still, fun game, thanks!

April said...

Oh what can I say. I kick ass...

Amanda Good said...

Ditto on April's comment! lol

PS- I have a BOATLOAD of Asprin if you need any! bahahaha

Amanda said...

HAHA! I wish we could fly you out here to take pictures! Unfortunately, we aren't planning on having any military brats while we're living here! Having a baby would interfere with my wine drinking. ; )

Unknown said...

Darn, I checked it out too late. But, man, I love your pictures!!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Debbie, I like, so belatedly noticed, (like a YEAR LATE) that you got it right too! I corrected the post and gave you credit too! If you'll ever see it! lol