Sunday, September 26, 2010

Latte Dresses & Sunshine Stripes (Logan & Tyler's Wedding Preview)

I started off the day by dazzling everyone with my extreme intelligence by making a right hand turn onto 10th street this morning. 10th is a one way street which you can only turn left on. As I made the right hand turn and stared at the TRUCK barreling down the street at me I said, and I quote....


SCREEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VROOOOOOOOM! And flipped an illegal U in front of the herd of oncoming traffic before I caused a head-on.

I am super smart.

Logan and her latte flavored bridesmaids (I prefer to say flavored instead of attired. It is just more festive. You will also hear me describe my cat at one time or another as "Orange Creamsicle" flavored. Yeah, try figuring that one out.) got ready at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. The Citizen is a venue I have been dying to get my paws on for awhile, so I was very excited when I discovered Logan had perfect taste because I knew she could choose nothing other than the Citizen to get ready at.

Or maybe she just told me up front.

One of those.

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Shooting is still difficult, but there some parts are easier- getting ready with the girls was fun today, but everything is still so hard. Some days there is no life beyond the covers on my bed, and some days, like today, I can focus on and again be, so grateful that my couples, that people like Logan and Tyler had the privilege of standing in front of their families today and to promise to spend their lives together. They are very, very blessed, and I know they love and appreciate each other in their lives so much. If only we all could be so lucky.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dry Creek Ranch of Rio Linda Classic Country Wedding (Sara & Brian)

Brian and Sara are Kansas City transplants who managed to create the most beautiful classic country wedding held in Northern California. They tied the knot at Dry Creek Ranch which is a historic house, which I was surprised to find was only a few minutes away from my house and a total gem. Sara & Brian did an excellent job selecting their vendors- their caterers, florist, everyone and everything was great!

Brian & Sara also opted to do a "First Look" prior to the ceremony. Instead of waiting to see each other for the first time when they walked down the aisle in front of the crowds of people (which is typically very nerve wracking), we all met before hand at Gibson Ranch in Elverta to let Brian and Sara have a more private moment together. Brian and I took a short walk out into field and down a side path under an archway of trees. Brian was pretty calm and I set him up facing away, looking down the path while we waiting for Sara's bridesmaid to drop her off.


Sara was a little bit more nervous, but the more nervous and hesitant she was, the more glad I was that these two decided to see each other before the ceremony. What is more comforting, what else could put you more at ease than your partner? And Brian was exactly the cure that Sara needed. As soon as they turned towards each other it was all smiles and hugs and kisses and all of (or at least most!) of the butterflies went away. This way we were also able to really take our time and get some really special couples portraits.


Doing a first look really takes the pressure off the couple. It allows you to just sit back and enjoy the moment. After the ceremony there is a lot of rushing, and when we get down to couple's portraits we usually only have 10 or 15 minutes at most to get those pictures done and for you guys to have some alone time together. Usually this is the only alone time a couple gets on their wedding day, and that is so important to have! Inevitably the wedding planner, somebody's dad, mom, bridesmaid or other person will interrupt at least twice to ask if we are done yet, and although I hope everybody feels that they still get that "special moment" if we go the traditional route, I just think it is so much more peaceful and really takes that edge off before the ceremony to go this way instead.

Of course, you all know the most important thing to me is being my couple's advocate; I want all of my couples to get exactly what they want and if you want to be traditional, I will do everything I can to make that happen. That said, I still have to say that I have found first looks to be so much more sweeter, so much more emotional, and so much more memorable than the (usually) freaked out coming down the aisle moment. I have found that when most couples really consider the value of a first look, they find the sentiment, emotion, privacy (an extra pictures) are totally worth breaking "tradition" for.

Plus most men have that whole "I must look strong and manly in front of other people" thing that they usually don't have when it's just their bride, so the emotional reaction, whether that be happy or tearful is usually much more powerful in private with the men, which I just love.

Alright, off to the ceremony we go!



Dry Creek Ranch! Page out of their guest book here on the left.


You can see the childhood photos of the bride and groom strung on the clothes line on the porch here.


Just married!

Time to play!

Alright, reception! Sara & Brian didn't have all of the usual hoopla at their reception, which I really prefer personally. They had dinner and chattered with their guests and their family and friends made toasts. Sara and Brian were married on Sara's parents wedding anniversary so there was some honoring that needed to be done to celebrate that too!

There were so many details at the reception, I seriously had trouble getting a good chunk into this post. There is even more than I am documenting here! Brian and Sara gave jars of locally made honey as favors for their guests, which they had stayed up late the night before the wedding wrapping up! Talk about DIY! The tables were covered with masons jars, blue tinted glass and loose wildflower styled arrangements, fresh branches with peaches still attached were laid across the buffet area, and the guests were served old fashioned style glass bottles of soda. Awesome DIY wedding under the stars and twinkle lights.


Venue - Dry Creek Ranch, Rio Linda, CA
Florist - Garden of Weedon Designs
Caterer - Beth Sogaard Catering
Draping and lighting - Avenue Illumination
Musicians - Gypsy Standard Time
Makeup - Christi Reynolds
Hair - Ashley at Salon Paisley

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The "Anti-Wedding" Wedding (Hilary & Joey get hitched)

Hilary and Joey got hitched on Saturday and the food was a delight for the eyes, the flowers were to die for and the property was gorgeous, but the theme was definitely the anti-wedding. No patterns or traditions allowed, please. :) Hil and Joe will be backpacking through Europe (Prague! Ooooh!) as of today but here's a preview for the rest of the world!,all rights reserved

One of these things is not like the other....,all rights reserved,all rights reserved

I don't know if I've really mentioned it to anyone, but I broke a bone in my foot a few weeks ago and have been walking around in this extremely attractive velcro boot/shoe ever since. Since that wasn't attention-grabbing enough (especially in Joey's parent's house where no shoes are allowed and I couldn't take off my "cast" and kept getting stared at with one shoe off and one tard shoe on) I decided it would be extra cool to fall into a gopher hole with my other foot during family portraits.

I am so awesome.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lake Tahoe Vintage in the Sun (Sarah & Alex)

Sarah & Alex got married on Tuesday September 7th, which I have been referring to for the last several months as Monday, September 7th, but luckily, I did come on Tuesday instead of Monday, but like I told Sarah, it would have been fine if I came on Monday! I would have just been extra early! :0)

I did the trek out to Tahoe this morning, the trek home this evening, bawled in the car per usual, but I did have some of the tasty minty tea lemonade (so delicious!) and I did have a taste of the crostini and spinach dip at the wedding (Thanks for sharing guys, I did eat a little!) which was excellent as well! I also made a pit stop at the clearance rack at Old Navy on the way home in search of this flouncy yellow blouse I have been stalking for many months and not only found it, but managed to stuff myself into a size small version of it. I realize under Old Navy sizing this does not mean a whole lot, but this is a new accomplishment, so I guess there are perks to the inability to eat. If it were not for the endless stream of trucks who insisted on driving 20mph UNDER the speed limit, general life circumstances, and the crying, of course, it would have been a pretty perfect day for me, (rolls eyes... was that enough caveats for you?) and I think it had to have been the perfect day for Sarah & Alex, except for the fact Alex had a nasty case of the flu, but at least he made it through the ceremony and cake cutting, eh? And looking so dapper at that! Sarah's looking pretty gorgeous too! You'll die when you see the rest of the details... these guys went Etsy crazy and they did AWESOME. All in all, PERFECT! all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved

Two weddings down for the week, one to go.

PS: That shirt I was wearing today? I am never wearing that again! I bought it without trying it on and it is way too big! I looked like I had The Great Pumpkin stuffed up my shirt! The yellow shirt I bought on clearance in a size small? Well the shirt I wore today is the same shirt in blue in a large! Yeah, I think I got the wrong size! Good thing they were practically free!

And who can possibly deny that I am capable of living in denial for a full... however-many-minutes-it-took-me-to-write-up-this-preview?

Ok, back to hibernating until Tiff & Jeff's wedding this weekend.

PPS: For some reason my sidebar has decided it would rather be at the bottom of this page if anybody was looking for it. Just scroll down. I dunno why it's doing that. (???)

Did I do okay today?

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Blue Goose in Loomis Wedding (Rachel & Josh's Wedding)

Josh & Rachel got married last weekend and had their reception at The Blue Goose in Loomis!

Josh wrote and sang to Rachel as a surprise wedding gift during their reception on Sunday. He is a wonderful musician and Rachel's reaction was really emotional. Be there with us...

In keeping with my overall theme and personal philosophies, these images were all shot without a flash. It is always my goal to be as unobtrusive as possible. I don't want to be in the way, distracting, or bringing attention to myself when you are trying to live out a moment of your life here.
It is extremely important to me that my clients be able to experience the sacred, important, special, treasured moments in their lives without being overwhelmed with the flash of a camera. I have one camera that shoots absolutely silently so I can sneak pictures, and I have another that makes a click, but I can use both without using a flash if I have enough ambient light. If I have to use a flash, of course I will, but if there is any opportunity NOT to, I always seize it.
In this way, I was able to get these shots without detracting from the overall experience and moment between Rachel and Josh or greatly distracting the guests while Josh sang to his bride.
Or at least, I hope so!

I always try my best, and I suppose, it's all we can ever really do. all right reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved

Also at the wedding I ran into Greg & Joanna, whose extremely popular wedding I shot in September of 2008. (Or click here for their engagement session.) Great seeing you guys and Joanna is graduating from school in late winter so congrats on school and Happy almost Anniversary.

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Still just surviving over here... I saved all my tears for the car ride home after the wedding, as rightly so, but the above was one of those sweet gestures I wanted to share. Every day seems to be a harder day than the last, but I just hope for the day when my burden will be lightened and try to keep going until that day. In the meantime, Amelia (my cat) has elected herself the "Velcro Cat-Elect" and pesters me into several naps a day. Carrying so much weight... I suppose I need a rest.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fresh Look

I gave the bloggy a little dusting and fluffed up the blankies for you. What do you think of the new look? It only took a few minutes but it looks much fresher and cleaner around here, don't you think?

It's too soon, way, way too soon for me to get back on the horse, but I am standing in the pasture, and I am feeding the horsie some grass... fluffing the blog blankies.

Thank you for your sympathies and kindnesses and support... I have the best clients anyone could have. It's hard for me to reach out right now, but thank you.