Saturday, October 30, 2010

Highly Suggestive (This Blog Post has been Rated PG-13)

Here today, I bring you, my very first PG-13 rated blog post. What you will see in this blog post is the equivalent of what you would see on the beach in summer. If bikinis and winking is too much for you, please, TURN BACK NOW! If you think you can handle it, proceed with caution. This will be a brief post, because well, Toree is just too darn hot to handle, as her soon to be husband will find out just as soon as he receives these spicy little photos on his wedding night! Tee-hee! AND DON'T YOU DARE TELL HIM! :P It's a surprise!

(Boys don't read my blog. At least not that one.)

(Speaking of, this post is for Girls Only!)



How sexy can a fully clothed gal look?! :-O How awesome is Tor!!!


Okay, and this is the LAST ONE. It's REALLY HOT. ;) Are you sure you can handle it? Cover your puppy's and kitten's eyes! Beachwear people, BEACHWEAR! NO NUDITY! I promise! :) I try to be very, very careful on this blog because I know I have many readers who have careful standards in their life to uphold (Utah, I'm talking to you!). Below in this last picture there is NO NUDITY but the equivalent of bikini wear. So I leave it up to you. But I think she looks very cute! Now everyone give Toree a HUGE round of applause for being SO BRAVE and letting me post her pictures on the blog and letting me share them with everyone. That takes a lot of courage and a lot of confidence! But I would be pretty confident if I looked like that too! Go Toree! :)



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Is this at the citizen?? Love it you did great and she looks amazing!