Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out of the Office (All kinds of silliness!) PROCESSING LIST UPDATED 11/22

I'm officially out of the office as of... oh, 3am. I'll be in Oregon for the next couple of weeks (and then Utah for awhile after that) running the disc burning workshop!

Everyone with completed orders who got married or had a shoot from about May on who has not made requests on their events will be receiving a notice requesting address and legal name confirmations/update requests from me soon. DO NOTE that if you don't respond to the requests I send you, you will miss this cycle and be passed on to the next cycle. So make sure you don't ignore the requests (or reminders, or 2nd reminders, or 3rd reminders from me :) ) and make sure you follow the instructions in the letter! I need both you and your spouse's legal names (first and last) and your address. (Don't just email me back and say, "Oh it's still the same." I need you to actually send it to me so I have an actual confirmation in writing from you!) I need this for your print release. If you only give me one name, I can't do your order! The two of you need to be able to both be able to use the disc, per your contracts, and in this day and age, there is no telling what your last names are going to be post-wedding. And for family sessions, same deal- Mom and Dad don't necessarily have the same name, so I always confirm before I do the releases! No confirm=no ship!

I also have some surprises this time around for you guys and I hope you like it! You know I HATE, LOATHE, DETEST and DESPISE disc workshops, but I'm almost a little excited this time because of the new set up! Hee hee! :)

And here is the processing order for those of you who are are close to bat:

Tiff & Jeff: You're totally done. You have been uploading for days and days. If you sneak a peek at your site, or if you have been, I'm sure you'll die. They're almost all up there. :) COMPLETE!

Hil & Joe: 70% through now... your upload will be faster. I'm hoping by the end of this week. That's my goal... COMPLETE!

Log & Ty: 60% done and yours will be a breeze. My biggest problem will be curbing the impulse to edit EVERYTHING. COMPLETE!

Baby Abby: Another impulse control one... lol 65% completed ... ON DECK!

David & Jessica: 45%, also a quickie YOU'RE NEXT!

Holly & Billy: 41%

Angela & Warren: 48%

Scott & Sarah: 21%

Wilbur Family: Just startin' still!

Toree & Andrew: Just started!

Anybody who isn't done and posted by November 30th is going to have just a basic set up of their site done and their completed edits posted so you guys can order anything you need for the holidays. That's a promise.

Margarita! I got your note about the edit request! I'm on it! I'll get it done before your disc goes out! :)

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Logan said...

Yayayaya! We are so excited to see them! You are the Best Emily! Have a safe and fun trip! :)