Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wondering: What's your favorite Wedding Blog?

Long time since I've done a Wednesday Wondering post, probably so long that my newest crop of brides probably have no idea what it is! Never fear, I'm sure our handy dandy "related post" featured at the bottom of the post will hook a sista up for 'ya. ;)

This week, this is what I am wondering: What's your favorite Wedding Inspiration Blog? We know the big ones, Wedding Chicks, Grey Likes Weddings, Ruffled Blog, Style Me Pretty... what's your fav? And why? Where would you love to see your wedding featured? Where do you think my weddings would be a good fit to be shown off? (Obviously you see MY motivation in this, but for YOU girls, here is a chance to find some more links, some more inspiration and find that one last darn thing you've been looking for to make your big day really sparkle!)


Please leave your comments, links, and anything else you'd like to share! I'll be standing by!


Logan Jennings said...

When I was planning our wedding my go to blog was green wedding shoes( not sure on the exact link but if you look those three words up it will pop up!) Im still a little obsessed with it to tell the truth! ;)

Lauren said...

I'm a loyal reader of all the ones you mentioned above. I also like Snippet & Ink, Sparkle & Hay and 100 Layer Cake.

Tara said...

Emily, your work is beautiful. I am getting married on 09/10/11 and interested in having you do the photography. I would love to meet up and go over the options you offer. I tried emailing you but I have a felling it didn't go through. Your suggestion if that happened was to blog... is this the right place to do it? Sorry, I should know this at my age! My email is Looking forward to hearing from you.

Carly said...

I really like Love and Lavender ( ) and Glamour and Grace ( )

But of course also my blog Inspiring Brides ( and I would love to feature your amazing wedding photography :)