Monday, April 4, 2011

Dana Point Wedding Photography

July 7th, 2007 (the infamous 07/07/07) was my first "number" fixated wedding, and I'm proud to say I haven't missed one since! 8/8/08, 9/9/09, 10/10/10, 1/1/11, and this year, I'm going to be shooting 11/11/11! Krissy and Andrew were also one of my last Orange County clients before I moved back up to Sacramento after I left law school (the first time... yeah, I left twice... what can I say, I'm a slow learner on the whole "maybe you should be a photographer?" front). I had actually already moved back to Nor Cal in May when I shot this wedding, but I came back down for their big Dana Pointe beach themed delight, all orchestrated by Amanda Auer of the fabulous IN THE NOW wedding planning group, which was just starting out back then, but is now a major player in the Orange County market.

Another cool thing about Andrew and Krissy is the fact that when Krissy first came into the meeting, we sat and chitchatted for awhile before Andrew got there.... But once he got there, we started staring at each other... WERE YOU IN MRS. WONG'S THIRD GRADE CLASS?????????!!! Oh yes. Andrew and I went all through elementary school together. How freaking often does THAT happen? Especially when I hadn't lived in the area for years and literally hadn't laid eyes on him in over a decade.

This revelation turned out to be extremely convenient on wedding day when we were getting yelled at by hotel staff for taking pictures on the grounds when we weren't *technically* getting married there. "Oh, I'm just a friend taking pictures though, we went to elementary school together!" Right. But SO true!

Even better, a year or so after the wedding I was going through some boxes and found THIS, written by the groom in his younger years:


BTW, I'm pretty sure I never made it to my 12's times tables. I got stuck on my 3's for months. But way to go Andrew with the positive attitude! LOL

What's even weirder than all of the above is when I look at Krissy's facebook friend list and see a bunch of girls I was in Girl Scout's with. FREAKY!

Anyway, a few months back when Krissy asked me if I could possibly jazz up her wedding pictures since I actually know how to use Photoshop now (I didn't even own the program back then, LOL) I was only too happy to oblige and even happier to share them with you now!

Please enjoy my dearies!




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I think getting this up within 5 years counts as timely....right? :)