Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have Issues. (Yes, with a capital "I").

I always get so confused about where the period goes when you have a quote and a parenthesis together. Anyone want to straighten that out for me? (Note the blog post title; hence my confusion.)

My dog has issues. Sometimes he thinks he's a cat... sleeps in a fluffy orange cat bed, eats cat food, walks all over the furniture, washes the other felines of the house and carries catnip mice around in his mouth.

The rest of the time he thinks he looks like this:
(Yes, that's "Fluffy" from Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone)

This is why I prefer to call him my ATTACK BEAGLE, rather than my second pet with species-identity issues. (Toulouse the cat already being under the impression he is a dog, doing everything short of panting and humping furniture to prove his point.)

If you'd like to see my hyperactive ATTACK BEAGLE in action, and remind yourself why you should never mess with me, or come to my house uninvited (sick, sweet smile) and that I am, indeed, disturbed with an unnaturally delightful happy obsession with my pets, please watch! :p

and that's how we roll.
[at the dog park.]

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