Monday, September 5, 2011

Nicki at Bull Run National Reserve in Virgina (Nicki's Anniversary Trash the Dress)

I'm still working on a full preview of baby Johnna's session, but once that is complete, I want to take a time out and honor all of the blogs that also took a moment to tell this story and help this family. They all deserve credit and recognition and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your help. I hope it has helped our family! If anyone else would like to help, please let me know, or simply share the memorial fund information with those interested. Thank you all so, so much.

I hope you are all having a good Labor Day, and in honor of "Labor Day," I thought I would share this session... Another one of my brides who married in 2010 in Washington DC. I was able to do an Anniversary/Trash the Dress shoot with her when I returned to DC this year to shoot her little sister's wedding! What does that have to do with "Labor Day"? Well, lol, Nicki is the second of my Trash the Dress'ers to have a baby on board while she did the session! Ha! I think we're far enough along now it's okay to share! :) It's a boy! If you can remember that far back, Kristin was also pregnant with a baby boy when we did her Trash the Dress session in celebration of her sixth wedding anniversary a couple years ago. I thought it would be fitting for "Labor Day," eh?

Well, since I didn't have any birth portraits laying around. But... maybe next year!


bridechic said...

I do love train track sessions. This one is so dream-like. Love the way you present your images Emily . . .

jrkaman said...

It's a boy??!! I didn't even know they knew yet. Shows you how much I keep up on them. Haha. In all honesty I've been a bit busy lately so that probably has something to do with it. I LOVE this shoot. Nikki is so gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing!