Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Forest" Mark & Jenny's Wedding Preview & Fusion Film

Disclaimer... I am not a videographer, and when I make these little fusion films it's just for fun, because I can and because it's something a little different for me. I'm not a professional videographer and don't claim to be. :) If you're looking for one of those in the Sacramento area, check out these guys. For Utah, this guy is my man. (Although the link takes you to my fav video in San Diego... but it's my FAVORITE!) If you love vintage cameras and old reel film, and you're on the East Coast, she's your gal. I love wedding film, so if you hire any of these wonderful pros, make sure you run right back over to me and hire me too so I can work with them! :D

You'll know Mark & Jenny from their Forest Gump themed engagement session back HERE and HERE.

Starts with the brief opener to their ceremony, then the music will start. :)

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Florals by Flourish

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Anonymous said...

You captured the magic of that wedding ceremony perfectly with the blending of video & photos. I cried & laughed all over again. Thank You! ~Kerie & Jeff Stein