Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For Your Information...

I have been and will continue to be out of the office this last weekend and through this coming week. You may or may not have received an automated email saying I was out of the office. Please know your message is important to me and I will be getting back to you as soon as I can. I have a very busy working week and will be out of town as well.

I believe I have hired an intern to help with paperwork; sending out copies of contracts, master discs, that sort of thing. I am so excited to introduce you to her and tell you all about her. She is going to be a HUGE asset to the company and you're all going to benefit. I hope you're as excited as I am!

If you are waiting on non-urgent correspondence, such as paperwork, I really appreciate your patience. Please know that I am going as fast as I possibly can, but I am in peak wedding season right now, and the most important things to take care of are the wedding images for brides who just got married and are waiting for their proofs. That will be my first priority when your turn rolls around as well. Even correspondence has backed up, because it is so important to me that my brides get their pictures as fast as possible, and that I be able to focus on the correspondence I need to do with my brides that are getting married right now, or just got married.

Please also know that we are ALMOST at the end of the chaos train! (YAY!) Know that it won't always be this bad, but this is a supremely poor month for routine paperwork. I went from having 3 very busy, full events... to EIGHT. EIGHT. Did I mention EIGHT? Those five extra were all favors too, which I didn't feel I could turn down. Let us please just get through October and things will definitely settle down. Again, I REALLY appreciate your patience and understanding through this really extra busy month. I'm logging around 100 hours a week right now; I'm trying my very best, but some things are going to wait for next month when it isn't so hectic. I'm sorry. :( ( Or be delegated...)

AND that is what the intern has been brought on to help with... So you don't have to be quite so patient. :) But please, please still try to be patient. It is just me over here while I start training the intern in my loads of imaginary free time. lol But she is going to try and help with all of the regular office chores that I just don't have time to keep up on. I am so excited! YES! Finally!

Remember final confirmations for your event will go out about a week before your wedding. If you are a Silver or Elopement Package client and have already closed your account, you don't have to lift a finger or do a thing until the week of your wedding when you receive your confirmation sheet. :) Platinums will have to come play with me and do a session usually, so a little more work! ;) If you're getting married in 2012, don't worry about scheduling your bonus sessions until after the new year. No rush, and then also I will have much more time to devote to you.

Official turnover time on all sessions is 90 days. If I can do it sooner, I will! If you need some images up for thank you cards, birth announcements or the like, just let me know. Not a problem. But official turnover on complete proofs is a minimum of 90 days. Sometimes it takes longer. I try really hard for it not to.

Master disc workshops will begin as soon as my off season starts in November. We go in chronological order, so all of those wonderful weddings that were published last year go first!

I'm being published again this fall... in TWO magazines... YAY!

Have you checked out our Travel Dates Page lately? I'll be in Southern California, Washington DC... and although it's not official yet, Utah, all in November and December! You should definitely sign up for a portrait session or a consultation for your wedding while I'm in town!

I have really bad insomnia (probably from all this anxiety!) and it makes me sad because my beagle grumbles at me because my tossing and turning disturbs his sleep. He has been grumblin' and grumblin' and finally just getting up and going to sleep in his crate! It is so sad! :(

I recently had a problem at a wedding with inappropriate guest and wasn't sure how to handle it because I didn't want to ruin anyone's day. This wasn't the first time someone had done something like this to me though so it was pretty upsetting. I've talked about it with a few people and colleagues feel I should have [figuratively] struck back more assertively because what happened was wrong. I wasn't comfortable doing that at the time, and even now, I'm still not sure. I can only hope that it doesn't happen again. After all that I have been through, it was alot to take... But I am still more inclined to put other people first, rather than myself. I dunno.

I'll see you guys next week! Thank you so much for always being so awesome! I love working for you! Was this boring to read? lol

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Dustin and Nicki said...

you're great Emily! Keep it up! You are SO totally worth it as a photographer! That is the number one complement we get in our home are our wedding photos! And we're so glad!