Monday, November 7, 2011

Capitol Park, Sacramento California Wedding Photography (Lauren & Jake at the State Capitol)

Sometimes the bloopers are the cutest of the bunch! Or maybe not, but they sure are fun! :) Something unique to Emily Heizer Photography is the fact I turn over all of the negatives from each wedding to my clients. When I shoot 20 images of the same group shot, rather than picking the best one myself, I simply turn all of the images over to you and let you select your favorite! I like to run my business how I would want things to be if I were the client, and I know I would want all the pictures... all 2,000 of them... which is very unusual!

Enjoy the bloopers and have a Happy Monday with Lauren & Jake's Capitol Park Wedding in Sacramento! (See their First Look HERE)

For friends or family of Lauren or Jake, feel free to use as your profile picture or post on your page, but please do not remove or crop watermarks.

Close your eyes...

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sam said...

Bloopers are half the fun! Great pictures