Monday, December 19, 2011

Woodland Wedding Photographer (Ryan & Sandyn's Ranch Weddin')

Every once in awhile one of my couples will look over at me during the ceremony. I always wonder what thought flashes through their minds when they do. They usually smile or giggle or wink. It feels like our little secret, like we are in this together. Like, I'm their back up. A lot of the time, I'm the only one who can directly see the couple's face other than the officiant, and the officiant is conducting the ceremony so he or she isn't really focusing on that. Sometimes the couple is being naughty and goofing around, usually during a long ceremony and I give my best motherly face to get them back on track but they always know better than to believe my fake out and then they are trying not to laugh even harder. (I'm horrible.)

I always wonder what they are thinking when they glance at me, those 2.3 seconds or so. Is it nerves? Reassurance? Am I too close? Just a random gaze and I was there?

During Terra and Kale's ceremony in August they both kept looking at me and making faces and giggling at the altar. But don't tell. They were TOTALLY paying attention the whole time. LOL

During Sandyn and Ryan's ceremony, Sandy looked over at me real quick right before the vows. Then she grabbed Ryan's hand. I got a picture of that. I love sweet little moments like that because they are just real, genuine, physical manifestations of emotion.

Enjoy your holidays readers and appreciate everyone you are able to be with, and miss the ones who aren't here...

See their engagement HERE.

This is totally going to become an EHP tradition... I talked another bride into getting dressed outside in the woods! And I had my first bride request it on her contract a few weeks back! Yay! So excited!

New Carl Zeiss 85mm 1/4... Looks nice!

Opps caught a blinker in this one. Gotta re-do the edits. :)

And we are off to Ryan and Sandy's ranch in Woodland for the ceremony! They did such an awesome job decorating with the natural landscape and organic elements!

Ceremony site

Daddy Ryan and their Weimaraner Bullet. Silver was having naptime across the street. She's not much one for crowds. (Neither is my beagle so I relate.)

Momma got a little emotional. :)

That hand grab...

The kiss!

Man and wife!

I'll be in Orange County for awhile, then back up here for a wedding in Oakland, then Washington DC for one last wedding before the New Year! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Published! Sacramento Magazine's Our Wedding

I am so pleased to announce we have a second magazine feature on the shelf this month. I went into Barnes & Noble last night and got to see the two magazines featured side by side on the display rack. How awesome is that?

Last year having my image of Tina & James on the COVER of Latino Bride & Groom was phenomenal. The six page spread in the international Malaysian based Signature Weddings- unbelievable. The repeated features with Real Weddings- I can't thank the editors enough.

But being able to just stroll into a local bookstore and see my work in two different magazines just sitting there on the shelf? I 'bout peed my pants.

Now that's classy.

(You can see me in Our Weddings OR Real Weddings right now!)

Special Congratulations to Julie and Ryan for their AWESOME wedding at Taber Ranch and all of their hard work that went in to this event. They did a beautiful job!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cute as a Button... Quincee Paige and Connor Nathan (Provo Utah Twins Photographer)


Connor Nathan and Quincee Paige are the last children in a family I have actually photographed for a few years now. You can see big sister's Emmersyn's photos here and Nicole and Nathan's family portraits here!

These sweet babies have an awesome mom and dad and an amazing birth story. Nicole worked so hard to keep these babies in her belly and stayed on bedrest for weeks and weeks both in the hospital and at home, which is super hard with a toddler on the loose in your house! After all of that, with the help her husband, friends, family, Hypnobabies and a team of midwives, Nicole gave birth at home to these twins! How about that for an amazing accomplishment! She had as close as possible to the birth experience as she wanted and she got two healthy babies who did not have to stay in the NICU, no induction, no c-section, no drugs, everything was natural. GO NICOLE! If you are not familiar with HypnoBabies, you can check that information out here! I have seen it do amazing things for a number of clients, even those that chose to have medicated births, it helped them get through the hard parts of their labors much easier, and inspired many others to go all the way like Nicole and Nathan!

For fun birth stories, you can read the HypnoBabies Blog over HERE too.

Back to the babies. :)

So, you two are both tiny, cute, and naked. (But modestly posed, thank you very much.) How are we supposed to know which one of you is the girl?

Oh. Thanks for clearin' that up Quince! :D Didn't mean to offend!

What are you both plugging your ears now? Am I that obnoxious?

Okay, so I didn't really need to ask. I will stop talking now. :)

Here's a tiny bit of their nursery too. I love this sign over here on the right. I love it of course because it's my favorite colors, my blogs colors over the years, AND because I found this phrase! I was cruising Pinterest and I saw this sign and I just KNEW that this was for this mom. Quincee and Connor were the most wanted and wished for babies in the world. (Every baby is, and these babies were no exception.) It was a hard road for them to get here and we all rejoiced when we heard that they were on their way to us. They were truly born at the bottom of a wishing well because they were seeded from the prayers, hopes and dreams of so many people and we are so happy they could join Nicole and Nathan's family. :)

Disclaimer of course, I found the phrase (insert Emily's super puffed up peacock feathers here) but Nicole made this canvas while she was pregnant. Isn't that amazing? I still don't know how she did it! It's gorgeous!

Congratulations to the whole family!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Baby Owlette (Provo Baby Photographer)

So I have this friend I have known for a long time. Like, almost 15 years. And sometimes we get crazy ideas. Or rather, I get crazy ideas, and then I bribe her with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes and get her all riled up with pedicures or trips to the mall or Cafe Rio and talk her into letting me do really nutty things to her kids. Like this epic fail with her last baby. (Scroll to the end where we basically tied him to the tree.)

Last weekend we stripped her last newborn babe down to his diaper, stuck an owl hat on his head and put him in an orchard on the side of the road. In winter. Did I mention he can't sit up yet? We got only a handful of shots before he started flopping and flailing around like the baby owlette he was dressed as and she slapped me silly the whole way home for talking her into this. BUT DOESN'T HE LOOK ADORABLE???? :D

What do you think I could talk her into next? Oh, and the tree-baby is all 'growed' up now and I just bribed him with M&M's to smile in the backyard for his pictures. Much safer than hanging him from a tree surrounded by deer. Less exciting, but we usually reserve the crazy stuff for the babies who can't fight back. 0:) Like this one. We still got him to giggle. HA!

Don't worry, we ran him right back into the van, where we had the heater running full blast... in case the property owners busted us in their orchard. ;) Luckily we did some normal indoor pictures too, look for those in the coming weeks!

As we head into the crazy busy off-season (yes, I just said that. I've had more emails about engagement pictures in that last week than I had about weddings in the peak season, HOLY COW I'm scared!) I want to re-start up my FAQ posting series! Do you have any burning questions you would like to ask me and have featured on the blog? Questions about weddings, babies, the business, me, workflow, life, whatever that's been burning your mind! Ask away in the comments, on my facebook page, or drop me a line at heizer_ea at yahoo dot com and it may be featured in an upcoming post!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PUBLISHED! Napa Valley Wedding in Real Weddings Magazine

This post is a little late in coming, but if you pop on over to your local Northern California, Sacramento/Tahoe regional bookstore or supermarket you can pick up a copy of the new issue of Real Weddings Magazine and see our NEW spread in the current issue!

Melissa & Harley's wedding at a private residence in Yountville in the Napa Valley was selected by the magazine for a special feature because of it's awesome Cookie Monster cookies & milk bar and super fun details.

There was so much more to this wedding than what made it in the magazine; if you missed the posts the first time around, go back now and check some of them out, especially the details posts, they are stunning! This wedding is also now available to be featured on wedding blogs, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact me at

You can view my posts on this wedding here:

Engagement Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


Getting Ready & First Look

Ceremony & Venue Details

Ceremony, Formal Portraits, Couple's Portraits

Reception Details

Reception, Cake & Dancing!

Congratulations guys! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Provo Newborn Twins Photographer (Quincee & Connor are here!)

I got to meet two very special people on Friday. Two very short, squealy, squishy, kind of people.

What do you think of my two new best friends? :)

Check back in a couple days, we've got lots more posts coming!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pleasanton Maternity Session (Margarita and Devan)

I LOVE Margarita and Devan. I met them at their consultation for their wedding in 2009 I think. We shot their engagement session, and then their wedding in 2010. Their anniversary Trash the Dress was done in Livermore in 2011, and now, they are back again for a whole new set of services... THE STORK PACKAGE. (Enter HUGE smile by me!) Margarita and Devan are expecting their first baby, a boy, in February, and they chose me to shoot their maternity session last weekend, as Margie hit seven months along, and even more amazing, I'm planning on being there in February when little Raylan is born. A better gift my clients could never give me than the trust to share the most personal part of their lives!

This is just the preview, so there is more to come, and Margarita styled this session awesomely with vintage suitcases, a onesie laundry line, and other cute little details from the baby's nursery! We shot this on a little hill (or maybe I should say mountain... we were all huffing and puffing on the way up there!) where Devan goes mountain biking every day, surrounded by cows!