Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Baby Owlette (Provo Baby Photographer)

So I have this friend I have known for a long time. Like, almost 15 years. And sometimes we get crazy ideas. Or rather, I get crazy ideas, and then I bribe her with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes and get her all riled up with pedicures or trips to the mall or Cafe Rio and talk her into letting me do really nutty things to her kids. Like this epic fail with her last baby. (Scroll to the end where we basically tied him to the tree.)

Last weekend we stripped her last newborn babe down to his diaper, stuck an owl hat on his head and put him in an orchard on the side of the road. In winter. Did I mention he can't sit up yet? We got only a handful of shots before he started flopping and flailing around like the baby owlette he was dressed as and she slapped me silly the whole way home for talking her into this. BUT DOESN'T HE LOOK ADORABLE???? :D

What do you think I could talk her into next? Oh, and the tree-baby is all 'growed' up now and I just bribed him with M&M's to smile in the backyard for his pictures. Much safer than hanging him from a tree surrounded by deer. Less exciting, but we usually reserve the crazy stuff for the babies who can't fight back. 0:) Like this one. We still got him to giggle. HA!

Don't worry, we ran him right back into the van, where we had the heater running full blast... in case the property owners busted us in their orchard. ;) Luckily we did some normal indoor pictures too, look for those in the coming weeks!

As we head into the crazy busy off-season (yes, I just said that. I've had more emails about engagement pictures in that last week than I had about weddings in the peak season, HOLY COW I'm scared!) I want to re-start up my FAQ posting series! Do you have any burning questions you would like to ask me and have featured on the blog? Questions about weddings, babies, the business, me, workflow, life, whatever that's been burning your mind! Ask away in the comments, on my facebook page, or drop me a line at heizer_ea at yahoo dot com and it may be featured in an upcoming post!

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