Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ben & Sarah's Washington DC Temple Wedding Film (Strawberry Swing)

As I have been working on this the last few days, I have thought most of all about was how much more meaningful and fun this was to shoot since I actually know the bride, Sarah.

I first met her at my friend's wedding 9 years ago. That means she was 10 years old! I don't really remember her, but I can [count on my fingers] do the math. :) I met her again at my bride Nicki's wedding 18 months ago, again last spring at sister Jessica's wedding (Sarah helped me with my cameras!)... and now, just two days before her own wedding day. Mere months after she had declared to me it would be "at least" 4-5 years before she would get married. :D

It was a total delight and pleasure to shoot for someone I knew and who I could clearly see was in love. I love all my clients, but getting to know someone, even just a little bit over time gets you emotionally invested and I so appreciate that. It doesn't just make my job easier, it makes it FUN. I still just can't believe my time with the Shepherd family is over!

Congrats to Sarah and Ben. For Time and all Eternity!


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Rebekah said...

In tears. Just amazing.

Dustin and Nicki said...

Emily that is beautiful! I cried! So glad to see my baby sister SO happy and thanks for catching those sweet moments! You are going to be missed by the Shepherd family, we sure LOVE you too! I guess we'll actually have to plan trips where you don't have to work now :)