Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adriana & Austin's Oakland Temple Wedding!

Adriana and Austin married on a Tuesday morning in the Oakland Temple of the LDS Church. They met, awesomely enough, in WalMart in their college town of Provo, where they are both attending BYU. He picked her up in WalMart! Forget dating sites, blind dates, church socials, bars, whatever, everybody head to WalMart! Your future husband could be there waiting for you to 'round the next aisle! No, seriously! It worked for Adriana! And he is CUTE! And SO IS SHE! :D

Seriously though, Adriana and Austin were an absolute pleasure to shoot because they were just so wonderfully affectionate and loving with each other. They were caring and considerate and excited to be with each other. It is wonderful to have couples like that and makes my job so much easier. A couple who is happy to just wrap their arms around each other and cuddle is beautiful.

For time and all eternity, meet Adriana & Austin...

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