Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cedar House Sport Hotel Wedding in Truckee (Beshert: Elizabeth & Matthew)

Beshert. It's a word I have long-loved. It means destiny, or meant to be, or sometimes soul-mate in Yiddish. It's actually the name of a Jewish dating website. How about that for fun? And a little Magical? We met in DESTINY?

Like I said in my previous post, I've shot many weddings that incorporated some elements of the Jewish faith, but none as many of this. And as I thought about it, I wasn't even sure I had even had a wedding officiated by a Rabbi before. Maybe, but I don't think so.

Elizabeth told me that she has always felt a strong interest and affection for this religion, and when she met Matt, converting to Judaism became something to consider. In the year since I initially met these two, Elizabeth took the plunge. (Forgive the pun.)

I think that's beautiful. :)

And the ceremony was beautiful. All day, leading up to it, Elizabeth cried. In the hotel suite getting ready her sister helped her with her earrings, and she cried. And then I started getting misty. (Fine, I cried.) During the pre-ceremony prayers and signing of the ketubah I think everybody was a little misty and I know I caught Matt's Dad welling up during the ceremony along with a few other people. (Okay, fine, me too.) Something about the closeness and the intimacy of how the whole ceremony was set up just made it... more emotional. Everybody was just physically that much closer to you and you could feel the emotion in the room. Their emotion was your emotion. The words that were said were special. They always are, but you don't always get to hear those words before the ceremony, and with this set up, the guests were able to speak and give advice and thoughts to Elizabeth and Matt before they exchanged vows. It was very powerful. The love in the room was electrifying.

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And now that we are ALL READY and pretty... it's time for the FIRST LOOK! :)

Elizabeth made the long walk in those sparklingly gorgeous Kate Spade heels. Gorgeous, right?


Elizabeth & Matt have lots and lots of friends!

"One of these things is not like the other..." LOL

The ceremony site at the Cedar House Sport Hotel:

The Ketubah, or Marriage Contract. It has some beautiful, beautiful words and promises in it.

The pre-ceremony, where the Ketubah was signed, and family and friends offered prayers, blessings, advice and well wishes:

Elizabeth & Matt then exited, and re-entered on their parent's arms, led by the Chuppah, and the special friends chosen to hold it. The Chuppah was made of birch branches. (I think.) Then the wedding ceremony, which included their vows, began.

Mazel tov!

And finally, the newlyweds head off for their private time alone, or yichud. :)

PS: I took my cat to the dog park for his 5th birthday on Saturday. That's weird, right?
At least he liked it.
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