Friday, July 13, 2012

Orange County Orange Grove Wedding Bridal Picture Session (Lisa & Tim are Married!)

Lisa & Tim were married at The First Presbyterian Church Of Anaheim, in Orange County, California. Just a few short days later, we met in a magical orange grove for this post-wedding bridal session. Both Lisa and Tim  were raised amongst the orange groves: Lisa in Orange County, California, and Tim in Florida. It was a very neat way to tie in their upbringings and future life together all in one!

Lisa and I met at Nohl Canyon Elementary when we were just six or seven years old and had not seen each other since we were fourteen or so! It was so very exciting and fun to shoot her German themed wedding at the Phoenix Club, also in Anaheim, and you will see more of that later!







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Erin said...

What a beautiful bride - love her long hair and long veil! Great location!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, where was this orange grove?! --Leah