Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Missoula, Montana Wedding Portraits (Ali & Brady)

Two days before their wedding, and the same day I flew in from California, Ali, Brady and I all arranged to meet in Missoula to shoot some before-wedding portraits (also called Bridals, or Groomals) there and in Lolo in Ali's reception dress, made by Dolly Couture. I met them for the first time in my whole life (!) in a Target parking lot in Missoula, then we were OFF! to Lolo to a family home that backed up to what I think must have been the Bitterroot River (anyone care to correct me on that?) where Ali quickly got dressed, and Ali and Brady had their First Look.

Ali and Brady still did not want to see each other on their wedding day until they walked down the aisle towards each other, but as Ali said, "It's just clothes." And it is! So they saw each other in their clothes beforehand, but didn't see each other on the day-of until Alexis came down the aisle. There are so many special ways to do this!

 Brady had also helped with alterations on I think one or both of her dresses, so there weren't too many surprises there, but the week of their wedding, both of them fully decked out, a house full of family nearby, the river roaring, and they still got a little specatular moment of huggin' and kissing and squealin' over how adorable they each looked in their new roles as husband and wife!

This is only Part ONE. Come back for more! See Part One of their wedding HERE. 
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This box belonged to Alexis' mother and was carried by her sister Sadie down the aisle.

Since we shot over two days, Ali had the opportunity to use two different bouquets and have two different looks for her portraits. For the bridals, she wore her hair down and curled it, on the wedding day, she had it styled up, clean and formal. For the bridals, she used this bright and colorful bouquet of wildflowers. As you'll see in their wedding day portraits, Ali had a bouquet of dried lavender (traditionally for luck) instead. What a great way to mix it up!

This sunburst ring also belonged to Ali's Mum.

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