Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Corvallis Wedding Photography, Teller Wildlife Refuge Corvallis Montana Wedding Reception (Ali & Brady's Wedding)

Okay, it's here, the GRAND FINALE of weddings! Ali is a pastry chef at the Black Cat Bake Shop in Missoula, and her awesome crew and friends helped supply the amazing desserts at her barn reception at the Slack Barn at The Teller Wildlife Center in Corvallis. Her [now] husband's family, the Halland's, own Charlie Coffee & Chocolate and are at the Missoula farmer's markets every weekend! They supplied the coffee. Our friend "Jack" supplied the other beverages. (chuckle)  Bambi and friends looked on as the band Whiskey Rebellion rocked out- until the power blew- and Ali and Brady's first dance got ever so slightly delayed by a half hour or an hour or so while we all hung out in the dark as the sun began to set over the Montana landscape. They finally found the breakers and fixed it, we got everything hooked back up and everyone was still dancing away when I drove off into the night-- and a BUCK tried to ram my car while I slowed to grab one last shot of the Teller. Scared the CRAP out of me and I screamed bloody murder. LOL

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Black Cat Bake Shop
Whiskey Rebellion  (Anybody have a link for them? This is apparently a popular band name!)
Charlie Coffee & Chocolate
The Teller Wildlife Refuge
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Paige said...

Just beautiful wedding!
I totally dig the lace and that lavender bouquet.
They match you perfectly. :D