Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bare Ranch Michael David Winery Wedding (Katie & Robert)

Just a small preview of things to come from this lovely country wedding in Lodi at Michael David Winery's Bare Ranch property.

Emily Heizer Photography

Bare Ranch at Michael David Winery

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Bill Todd said...

These are lovely, but you only took 6? I'd love to see a whole set.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Hi Bill!

Thanks for commenting!

No, that's only FIVE pictures. I was at the wedding for 7 hours and only took five pictures, that's right! ;)

Nooooooo silly! This is what is called a "preview" so the couple and their family have the assurance that the images came out, what they look like, and of course so they have something to show their family right away. It takes a long time to edit, proof and go through the couple THOUSAND pictures I shot at this, or any wedding, and I can't get them all done overnight! It takes a lot of work, and that's what I'll be dedicated to for the next couple of months.

Then the complete proofs, plus all of the edits I do will be provided to the bride and groom. When I have a chance, I usually try and do a second (or even third, fourth, fifth!) blog post with more images for family.

I'd love to be a superhero who can edit 2,000 pictures in four or five days, but sadly I am not! :)