Monday, January 28, 2013

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Big City" Citizen Hotel Sacramento Engagement

Oh, behave! This sharp and sassy engagement session with Holly & Shane at The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento was just fabulous. From the penthouse view of the State Capitol to the champagne to the rolexes, this session was fantastic!

See Part One of their Big City Engagement HERE
See their Other Blog Posts HERE, including their wedding at fabulous Los Gatos Venue, Nestldown!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rainy Wedding Day in Lake Tahoe

Ry and David taking cover from the rain after their ceremony... it sprinkled on and off throughout the day, but during the ceremony, the sun shone bright.
Photography: Emily Heizer
Venue: THE HideOut 
Wedding Dress: Amy Kuschel
Catering: Beth Sogaard

Thursday, January 17, 2013

HideOut Lake Tahoe Wedding Portraits

One of my favorite parts about these gorgeous Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood weddings I've done lately are the lake shots. There is nothing more inspirational to me than putting a happy couple in a boat and watching them paddle around. They laugh, they talk, they cuddle, it's the most romantic thing EVER and I adore photographing these moments!

This is Ryan & David's pink, peach and blush ombre wedding at Tom & BJ Hoover's THE HideOut, near Kirkwood. :)

Venue: THE Hideout, Kirkwood
Photography: Emily Heizer Photography
Florals: By the Bride, Ryan!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowy Provo Canyon Utah Engagement Pictures

Jane & Jared will be marrying in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in April and I am so excited they chose me to be there with them to photograph their big day! This weekend, I headed out to Utah (driving in -8 degree weather to the airport at 4am!) to shoot their engagement session. Jared actually proposed in Canyon Glen Park in December, so we headed back to the scene of the crime to help memorialize the memory of this moment for them!

 This is just a tiny preview, but they are so cute, and fun-loving and I am totally looking forward to their wedding!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coloma Gold Country Wedding

For some reason I like to use Selena & Jesse's wedding as editing examples. It might just be that they are just so awesome, I can never pick just one shot!

I get a good chunk of clients who employ me for my editing skills. They want it vintage, or crazy and colorful, or plain and sweet and simple. This is totally my forte and I have so much fun doing this stuff!

Pin your favorite image and let's see which wins!

 A.) Simple, clean and bright. This is how I edited most of Selena & Jesse's images.This is the closest to reality.

B.) A little darker to help bring out the details of Selena's dress that were blown a little in the previous image, and overall present a more moody scene. 

C.) Bright and colorful, a magical scene. I have a few brides who specifically request this style!

D.) This one is a little more subdued, with a grey mask over it to tone down the intensity and create more moodiness. 

E.) Black and White, of course! 

F.) And of course a stunning sepia version!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Touch Wedding Pictures Coloma Wedding

First Look's are very common at weddings nowadays, and allow for the couple to have their own private beginning to their marriage ceremony. This moment alone surrounded by nature is the first moment of your marriage, and that is absolutely spectacular.

Now an alternative to a First Look, for those traditionalists who would like to combine modern romance into their wedding days, there is something else, called a "First Touch." A First Touch is where the couple doesn't see each other beforehand, but holds hands or talks around a corner or behind a barrier- sometimes with a blindfold on.  My lovely clients Rachel & Ray combined the two new traditions by beginning with a First Touch and transitioning into a First Look by standing on either side of a tree at their Tahoe wedding.

For Selena & Jesse, who married in Coloma, a gorgeous historic Gold Country town, they chose to do a First Touch. Jesse and I cleared the back porch of the house of clutter and set him up on one side of the corner. I then went back in and got Selena and snuck her out the back door. Then I backed off as far as I could as they slowly inched towards each other and held hands for the first time on their wedding day.

They didn't see each other until Selena walked down the aisle, but they got to talk to each other, touch each other, and express how much they loved each other and how excited they were.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Fall Bridal Portraits at THE HideOut near Lake Tahoe

Helen and Evan married at the Kirkwood Hideout the last weekend in September, and we just barely got to enjoy the beginnings of fall. A roaring fire and s'mores were part of the reception, but the bridal portraits in the meadow adjacent to the ceremony site was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Make sure you check out Helen's awesome bridal braids too... her hair was phenomenal!

Shot at Tom & BJ's Hoover's The Hideout

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christina & Dustin at the HideOut, Kirkwood Lake Tahoe

Christina is a big fan of the processing I did on this other wedding at the Kirkwood Hideout, so I'm doing my best to emulate my old style for her! She loves that colorful, powerful PUNCH and POP! I think it works well for her images too!

All images copyrighted by Emily Heizer Photography,