Friday, January 11, 2013

Coloma Gold Country Wedding

For some reason I like to use Selena & Jesse's wedding as editing examples. It might just be that they are just so awesome, I can never pick just one shot!

I get a good chunk of clients who employ me for my editing skills. They want it vintage, or crazy and colorful, or plain and sweet and simple. This is totally my forte and I have so much fun doing this stuff!

Pin your favorite image and let's see which wins!

 A.) Simple, clean and bright. This is how I edited most of Selena & Jesse's images.This is the closest to reality.

B.) A little darker to help bring out the details of Selena's dress that were blown a little in the previous image, and overall present a more moody scene. 

C.) Bright and colorful, a magical scene. I have a few brides who specifically request this style!

D.) This one is a little more subdued, with a grey mask over it to tone down the intensity and create more moodiness. 

E.) Black and White, of course! 

F.) And of course a stunning sepia version!

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