Monday, April 22, 2013

Carmel Wedding Reception at the Pine Inn & Il Fornaio

I don't very often blog reception pictures because they are mostly party pictures and I personally favor the emotional parts of the wedding- the romantic couples portraits (that especially), the ceremony, and of course the lovely details that usually have some sentimental factor. Those are of course inspirational to other brides too, and I want to attract brides that are driven by the same sorts of ideas that I am- those that will prioritize couple alone time, so we can truly dedicate some time to couple's portraits (so much fun!), and those that really love a good natural portrait.

That said, I do post reception shots- just not all that often. But when I do share them, they have to be either really beautiful, really emotional, or really funny. These would be the latter.

Who do you think is going to catch the bouquet readers??? Place your bets. :)

That was a first.

Re-do! Re-do!

Here's the real bouquet-catcher!

I thought that was awesome. LOL

Photography by:

Il Foranio at the Pine Inn, Carmel, California

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