Monday, May 13, 2013

Placerville Wedding Video Tiffany and Brett

Tiffany and Brett married at a private residence in Placerville last year. They had been friends since high school, even going to the prom together, but didn't date until years later. They finally married in a peacock themed wedding with friends and family surrounding.

I am not a professional videographer, nor is my staff. However, from time to time we slyly pick up video cameras during events and capture a few moments here and there just for fun. Tiffany & Brett's wedding was one of those events that I was able to capture a few extra special moments and compile into a fusion film for them to keep. Be sure to watch the ending to see how their story turns out. The song was supposed to be their first dance song, which accidentally wasn't played at first, but the whole thing is here now!

(You can watch the video in HD on Vimeo, and the quality is a little better.)

Photography by:
Emily Heizer Photography

Wedding Coordination by:
April's Events

Wedding Transportation by:
FART: Foothill Area Rapid Transit

See more of Tiffany & Brett here:

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