Friday, June 21, 2013

Pink Wedding Dress at The Inn at Park Winters Wedding

Jennifer & Brian were married at The Inn at Park Winters on Saturday. Jennifer is a bride of style and class, and by class, I mean classic. She loves tradition, but she also loves modernity. Jennifer loves children, and she adores her new niece and nephew! Jennifer desperately wished to take an image of her new niece wearing her wedding gown so she could give it to her on her wedding day. The most special thing about this, for any little girl is that Jennifer's wedding dress is of course pink. What could make any little girl's fantasy more perfect? A pink wedding dress? Fantastic!

Jennifer and Brian's ring bearer and flower girl were all too happy to twirl and spin and model for me over the day. Our ring bearer friend needed a little warming up but he did great too! I am so proud of them! They did great at their jobs and marched down the aisle very tall and proud! :)

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Photography by:
Emily Heizer Photography

Inn at Park Winters

Monday, June 17, 2013

Salt Lake City LDS Temple Wedding of Jane & Jared

Jared decided to forgo his college graduation from BYU in order to marry Jane instead. It was a big choice, but, rather than wearing a cap and gown, marching across a stage and collecting his diploma, he scooped up his wife which he will keep for all eternity and ran off into the sunset. I think it was a
pretty good trade off. Thoughts? (Pretty sure they'll mail him his diploma.) :)

Jane got ready over at the Marriott a couple of streets over, and when she was ready, put on her super chic tea length white get away dress to walk over to the Salt Lake LDS Temple with Jared for their ceremony. Jared, Jane, and one of her bridesmaids who had just returned from a mission walked over together and said goodbye by at the door as they went to go fill out paperwork! I met up with Jane & Jared later for the BIG moment when they exited the temple doors for the first time as a married couple!

 Jared was feeling a little dwarfed by his super sized groomsmen. So we fixed it! ;)
 THESE GIRLS! These girls and their sparkly shoes and their willingness to do anything and everything for Jane! They were the best ever! And I believe lovely young lady on the far right just got married on Saturday, so congratulations to her too!:)

HUGE shout out to Jared's awesome brother Austin for lovingly lecturing me about practicing my ASL skills. It's been over 8 years since I've used my Deaf Studies minor: in college I took nearly 3 years of ASL, Deaf History and Deaf Education courses in order to get a teeny tiny stamp on my transcripts which proclaimed me a "Deaf Studies" minor- the first graduating class in the state of California- but, not pursuing a degree field where I used it, it's a skill I predominately lost. Having not one, but three other weddings this year where it would be helpful that I not switch from ASL to French to German mid sentence (languages which all count differently on their hands and gesture differently and have different grammatical structures)- I've made some attempts to PRACTICE. Yay me. :) Thank you Austin!

Watch out for Part TWO of Jared & Jane's wedding, including their ring ceremony & reception!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Blackthorn Inn Treehouse Wedding on Tomales Bay in Point Reyes

Kim & Gardner celebrated their first wedding anniversary in the last few days and in joyous celebration of that, we are releasing this lovely little surprise we have kept hidden from them for the last year! We are not professional videographers, but every once in while when we notice there aren't professional videographers on hand, we like to play around with fusion films, just for fun!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacaville Engagement Photography (Allison & Marty Destination Wedding)

I absolutely love Allison & Marty. They both have a common background in public service, are super athletic are could not be more playful with each other. Al and I met at work many years ago, attended the same grad school for a period of time, and found over the years that we have either lived in the same places, know the same people or some other weird combo of circumstances which intertwine our backgrounds. Hanging out together is hilarious since every time we seem to find one more thing we have in common.

Allison and Marty will be eloping to Europe in just a short time and we wanted to get these images posted ASAP so they could share them before their big day. Congratulations you two!

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