Monday, August 12, 2013

Lake Tahoe HideOut Kirkwood Mountain Wedding (Jenna & Simon are Married!)

Jenna & Simon married on a perfectly gorgeous day in July just outside of Lake Tahoe in the Kirkwood area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They met on a trip to Tahoe with mutual friends, so their decision to marry at the HideOut, owned by the wonderful BJ & Tom Hoover, located in Kirkwood California was the absolute perfect choice for them in terms of venue! On the wedding day, we did a tiny bit of hiking for their First Look which took place on the side of a dome on the property. Jenna also did a First Look with her dad, which was super emotional and just darling. The coolest thing you're going to notice about this wedding is all of the amazing signage and artwork. This is something I didn't know Jenna and I had in common, but we apparently both love flowery artwork and signage- so much so that my most favorite Etsy vendor, First Snowfall, was the chosen artist for the framed artwork at the reception! The gorgeous signage which decorated the road on the way in was done by the amazing EmLauren VO! Check out the rest of the vendor information below. Everyone was fantastic!


 We started with the girls and the getting ready process! They were probably the first set of bridesmaids ever that were ready to go and relaxing by the time I got there! It was fabulous! I loved these girls! And they all had great style and looked so cute too!

Jenna had a sweet First Look with her dad!

And her absolutely stunning First Look with Simon! We picked a granite dome on the property that had amazing views of just about everything!

Let's get married!
 The bouquet of white tulips sitting on the bench represent Jenna's mother, who passed away a few years ago. Many things were done to honor her on this special day, including a candle lighting during the ceremony, a special gift from Jenna's dad, and even parts of her wedding dress were used on Jenna's bouquet, so Jenna literally carried her mother with her as her dad escorted her down the aisle. It was very, very sweet and could not have been more perfect.

Gorgeous family, with relatives coming all the way from Venezula!

This bridal party freaking ROCKED. The boys had knives... and the girls had sass! Perfect combo!

More amazing photos to come!!!


Photography: Emily Heizer Photography
Venue: The HideOut
DJ: Superior Sound Professional DJ Entertainment & Lighting: Sean & Nick
Florals: Art in Bloom
Caterer: Beth Soggard
Roadside & Reception Signage:  Em Lauren VO
Framed Art Quotes: First Snowfall
Rentals: Celebrations
  Beauty: RAH Salon

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