Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding at THE HideOut - Kirkwood, California

Julie and Kyle are like my most favorite couple EVER. (Of course you all are, but you know- SQUEE!) They are just adorable. Kyle is strong and supportive and is there for Julie pretty much no matter what. And Julie is the hardest worker, the most creative person with a million ideas always going through her head and all of them AWESOME. I would personally steal her cake table, girl scout cookie s'more idea (she basically cleaned out a whole troop), and probably rip her dress and floral crown from her and run into the woods with it if I didn't just like HER so much too. :) 

They of course got married at my favorite venue in the world (how many times I have said that on this blog already?!) The HideOut. The HideOut is owned by BJ & Tom Hoover and was built by hand by themselves and their sons and they still help out at every wedding. I LOVE them, and their whole family and this property to pieces. It is so fun, so unique and just visually stunning. Each wedding I shoot there I try to top the last!

I don't think I've ever shown you guys the road out to the HideOut before, so let's take a little journey!

The Hoover HideOut (as I sometimes like to call it,) is about two hours from Sacramento, or 90 minutes from Tahoe-ish. You drive an hour on the freeway, take some back road, drive an hour into the woods, SLAM on the brakes to avoid missing the turnoff, and then do a quick 2 mile-ish slow drive through a few streams, some meadows and of course, a rock face called Pucker Butt Hill. (For a reason mind you- muddle that name over a minute.) And then, there you are- coming down the mountain into the glorious valley of wedding bonanza-ness!!!

 Those boys were getting into some shenanigans with the guns out back! lol
 I just absolutely fell in love with the granite as a base for the wedding story with this one!
 Julie of course got dressed outside, like so many of my special girls now do!
 And then it was time to walk across those huge cliffs overlooking the lake to meet Kyle for their first look!

Because I am a huge nerd, I bought an enlargement of the above right for my office. :)

And then it was time to jam across the lake to the ceremony!

YAY! Congrats Kyle and Julie! Check back soon for part 2, including their girl scout cookie bar!

 Photography by: Emily Heizer Photography
Custom Robes purchased on Etsy
Coordination by April's Events
Venue: The HideOut
Florals: Cathy's Flowers
Videography: Frontside Films


Krisstin | On the Go Bride said...

Wow that image with the night sky is stunning! Gorgeous wedding.

Pieces of My World – By Dominika said...

Hi, I love your photos, Im watching your work on facebook almost every day ! This wedding looks awesome =)