Monday, August 11, 2014

The HideOut Kirkwood Wedding Photographer (Bruno & Angela)

I met Bruno and Angela at the HideOut's exclusive open house last year. This wedding was so fun, and so full of playtime! From the popcorn the little boys handed out at the ceremony, to the fun, circus-themed color scheme and custom bar, the HideOut looked like a new venue!

 One of my favorite shots from the day!

One of the new exciting things about the Kirkwood Hideout's property is that the Hoover's finally got a roadsign! Yes! They just put these awesome bears down by the roadside! It's going to help wedding guests find the property so much easier!

Being the awesome bride that she is, Angela got dressed outside on the granite rock overlooking the Hoover's private lake- so amazing!

After getting dressed, we hid Angela away, and snuck Bruno back out to the lake for their private first look! A First Look is sort of like a private ceremony between the bride and groom before the ceremony where they see each other in their wedding clothes for the first time and can have some time alone. Bruno and Angela did great!

Next up, the ceremony also at the HideOut!

Sneaky Bruno had their doggie deliver the rings during the ceremony. Sweet puppy decided it was a good place to crash out for a nap after her work was done!

Such a happy new family! Reception pictures also at the Hideout to follow!

Venue: The Hideout
Photographer: Emily Heizer Photography

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