Frontside Films,
Damon & Amy Chamberlain.
I've had the pleasure of actually working with both Damon and Amy and they are a total delight. Easy going, low-key and non-intrusive. Everything you would want in a videography with the added benefit that they are actually really good at what they do!


David Perry.

 I've never actually worked with David, but am a long time fan of his work and have been sending clients his way for as long as I can remember. He is an amazing videographer and his work is full of emotion. I absolutely love it. Please check out this video of a First Look he shot 1.) to see what it's like to experience a First Look and 2.) to see how awesome David is! Watch it HERE. David is also able to shoot in 8mm film (I think, maybe it's 16mm?) So if you're looking for an old-fashioned look, he's your guy. And he travels!

Kale Fitch.

Never worked with him either, but have had a friend who has, and I've never heard a bad thing, ever. His films are artistic and edited in a way that is similar in processing to mine (not always, but sometimes) which creates a level of continuity that would be awesome. All of his videos are totally captivating and yes, he appears to travel.

East Coast

Kate Headly.
Kate Headly is currently the only straight up 8mm videographer I know of. Her work is stunning and everything is shot on vintage cameras. She is based out of Washington DC.


Northern California

Garden of Weedon.
Suzanne O'Brien worked on Sara & Brian's wedding at Dry Creek Ranch and we were both rewarded with seeing those stunning arrangements published in magazines, and across several blogs. Her work is beautiful.We also recently had the pleasure of working together at Jennifer & Evan's Stone Ranch Wedding in Lodi.


Northern California

Sugar & Spice Speciality Desserts.
I am in this bake shop several times a month to check out all of their new goodies. They do mini-desserts, seasonal items, and create custom items. I've seen mini-pies, handmade pop tarts, snowballs and anything else your imagination could come up with. You can see some of the desserts Carissa has provided on my shoots HERE. She is outgoing, friendly, and just amazing.


Sweet Tooth Fairy.
I love this place. Before the cupcake craze took hold in my area, the Sweet Tooth Fairy took up shop a few blocks away from our Office Manager's home and was an instant hit. Cake bites made to look like truffles (and so good they even sell them on QVC now), Parisian macarons, cookies, and cupshakes- the most amazing dessert you'll ever taste (a cupcake dumped into a milkshake and blended up!) This is a lovely shop with great quality.


Northern California

Sounds to Go,
Justin Praher. Justin and I started out in the wedding industry at approximately the same time and watched each other grow and change over the years. He's a great DJ and a friendly guy. I love working with him.

Vision DJ's,
Rick Jenkins. Rick and I worked together at a wedding last fall. He was super accomodating to me as a photographer because he is a little more familiar with the industry than most, as he is close to a few people in other areas of the industry. What this meant was, he was very aware of picture opportunities, timelines and all of those good things, in addition to playing really good music. I was really struck by some of the indie hits I heard while I was shooting. You don't hear those often unless you've got a really trendy and awesome wedding on your hands. (Which I did!)


Northern California

Boca Catering.
Awesome food, tasted amazing. Servers were prompt and courteous. I thought they were wonderful. I rarely remember the names of caterers and I remembered these guys. To me, that's a lot.

Mountain Magic. The wedding I shot that Mountain Magic catered had a few vegetarian guests and some with food restrictions. I distinctly remember everyone marveling at the number of choices and how fresh everything was. The vegetarian at our table gushed that there was so much for her to eat, something that apparently wasn't a common experience. For me, ( a meat-eater) I thought all of the food was fantastic and had a lot of my favorites. Lovely spread and it was arranged in a way that was visually appealing too.


Northern California

April, April's Events
April and I worked together on a wedding in the Placerville area and she was absolutely amazing. She ran out and replenished supplies that had run low, she kept everything on time, and yet did so in a polite, and friendly way. I had a wardrobe malfunction and she whipped out a needle and thread within minutes. She was right on top of it. She was dressed appropriately, and was always kind and courteous to guests, and yet, still got everything done. She never seemed stressed or overwhelmed and was just right on top of it. She is the definition of professionalism and one of my favorite coordinators that I have ever worked with.

Southern California

Amanda Auer, In the Now Weddings & Events. 
Amanda Auer and I worked together when she was first starting out in the business. She and her team had been hired as day-of coordinators and she didn't get a ton of information until the day of. She jumped right in, was on top of everything and executed the bride's design quickly, professionally, and precisely. It was unbelievable how she took hand drawn schematics and replicated them in minutes. She was great, and has achieved incredible heights with her company in the years since!