Monday, April 14, 2008

Krista & Josh- Updated!

Ok, this is my absolute FAVORITE shoot thus far. Krista & Josh were my absolute inspiration/motivation to FINALLY get my butt in gear and make the darn photography blog. And I am doing this at... let's see... it 2:39am now! This is what happens when you habitually stay up until 2 or 3am to study for grad school- you get insomnia and screw up your body's whole schedule!

Anyway, this was shot today, or technically as this IS after midnight, YESTERDAY. We met at Baker Beach (again, shake head-lol) but shook it up a but with some time on the actual bridge, which I have never done, and then also at the scenic overlook before trooping down to the hordes of naked men which are really the most pivotal, striking memory most of my clients take with them from their Baker Beach experience. Great... (shake head) ...Anyway, Krista and Josh are now gracing the front page of my website, and I just can't decide which image I like better, the first or the second. I was almost tempted to install Flash on the home page so I could show both. What do you think?

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