Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mount Tamalpais Engagement Photography Session

Brenda & Dan are getting married in Mendocino next month and we took the lovely overcast morning to shoot their engagement session on top of Mount Tamalpais (carefully avoiding the ticket-writing Park Rangers...) and wrapped it up at Baker Beach!

Everyone needs to give Brenda a big round of applause for climbing up that tree! Dan and Brenda climbed up that tree all by themselves, no ladders! What good sports. YAY! And wasn't it worth it? ;)

To explain the ants... I unfortunatly kneeled in GIANT ANT ant hill. These suckers were HUGE and BIT me! I didn't even know I had done it until I stood up, felt the bite and looked at my pant legs and they were COVERED in ants. ICK! When I got home- around 6 hours later, I found giant ants in my CAR. YUCK!

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