Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downtown Sacramento Engagement Photography

Hailey & Ryan chose to shoot half of their engagement session in downtown Sacramento, taking advantage of the interesting architecture and modern portraiture opportunities. We almost got hit by a train (ok, maybe H &R were just scared to lay down on the lightrail tracks...), we totally were going to be arrested (maybe the CHP officer just stared at us...) but overall it was a thrilling and terrifying morning morning full of housing-challenged individuals!

Ok, maybe it wasn't, but I DID get pulled over by the CHP officer who had been staring at us when we were shooting after the session, Thankfully, it was just because I was blindly driving on a flat tire. (???) THe very nice officer escorted me to a safer area and called AAA on a rush so I wouldn't have to wait long, although I did spend more than 2 hours at Costco getting my new tire...

The second half was shot in Northern Sacramento, frolicking among the fields and oak forests, which we shot this evening. Those images aren't ready yet, because I was just shooting them a mere hour ago! I will post those tomorrow or the next day, so LOOK OUT! Here come Hailey & Ryan!





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