Friday, October 30, 2009

The Society Room in Hardford Connecticuit

Hey everyone, I'm home!

I've been in New England for the last week- trotting across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and a quick traipse across the New Hampshire border- just so I could say I was there. :)

I am home now, and have answered just about all of your emails. Amnah- I JUST saw your email- I want you to know I got it! You'll be hearing from me soon!

My cousin's wedding was in Hartford at The Society Room. The bride wore Oscar de la Renta, Lindsay Flanagan of Astoria was the photographer- whom I was delighted to discover has matching Shoot Sacs with me :) and I actually got to be present for cocktail hour for the first time in 5 years, AND be seated throughout all of the dinner courses without hyperventilating or rising from the table. SO WEIRD! I was, in all honesty, totally discombobulated by not working. I felt totally out of place and at a loss for a task to complete. I think I might be ruined from being a proper wedding guest ever again! When the dancing really got rolling, I threw in the towel and submitted to my inner shutter-driven urges.

Here's a few shots from the night. First couple were shot by me, and the last few were shot I believe by my cousin Erik. I just liked the fact that he got pictures of me shooting, even if it was in a dress and heels!

I got to calmly work on long exposures for fun...

Do you see me in this one? I'm in the gree dress, with the bad posture. lol To the right of the big flash from Flanagan's camera.

Horrible photographer's posture + slinky form fitting dress and an apparently too tight belt= Emily looks like she's knocked up.

Nope, no baby in there, just dinner. lol

Who wants to teach me how to make my hair pretty? Why is it my hair looks like a disaster all the time? In the above picture it looks ok, but Tuesday I flat-ironed and curled [the ends] my hair, and by the time I got to Boston to have dinner with my lovely bride Elizabeth who eloped to SF City Hall back in August, my hair looked like a rat had died in it. Here's another example of my hair horror. Anybody wanna tell me what I am doing wrong? I don't much care for looking like a homeless person, especially when I am working at your wedding!

WHAT is that? What died on my head? HELP! It looks so gross! Leave a comment with styling instructions, please. LOL
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