Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jon & Christy are PREGNANT! (Preview)

I shot Jon & Christy's engagement pictures at the Marin Headlands, and Baker Beach in July of 2008. I shot their wedding that August. And today, I shot their maternity session. This is jsut a preview, so more to come.

Oh, and they totttttalllly named the baby after me. (Or maybe they just liked the name. Nahhh, we'll go with the first story! THEYRE NAMING THE BABY AFTER ME!!! lol)

Baby Emily is coming soon! 37 weeks 2 days and counting! (Or was it 38 weeks and 2 days?) Either way we are getting close! Christy is still on bedrest but we're in the safety zone now!

The text on Christy's belly is actually what is painted or stenciled to Emily's nursery room door. I shot an image of it, and then added it into this image. We didn't have blocks or anything to put on Christy's tummy, so I thought this was a good [top-secret] alternative!




PS: YES, this song is from Dumbo. My first choice was "Two Pink Lines" by Eric Church, since I believe it involves the mention of a shot gun, but I couldn't find it, so I went with Dumbo. Since, if it's not a weird choice, it's not mine. :)


CBM said...

love these what a great shoot!

Kristin and Jason said...

Looks great!! Who wouldn't want to name a child after you anyways!!