Saturday, January 23, 2010

busy, Busy, BUSY day

I don't think I could be more tired! But I got so caught up in the fun that today turned out to be that I broke my own rule and forgot to watch my time limits! I've NEVER done that before, EVER! I think I am liking this whole spacing weddings out thing!

Oh, and did I mention that I failed to notice for like, 3 hours that one of the bridesmaids is another one of my brides? :-O Seriously. Just how spiritually blonde AM I? I didn't realize it was one of my ladies until I read the ceremony program and her name was in it. (First I saw her daughter's name, and I was like... that's odd. She has the same last name as.... NO WAY!!!! [cue eyes freakishly bugging out of head]) In my defense, my VERY STRONGLY SUPPORTED DEFENSE I might add, I hadn't seen this bride in at LEAST 18 months, and I only met her at the consultation. AND she had gotten a drastic hair cut. PHEW! Glad to be off the hook on that one. LOL ...Right?

....COUGH... One last thing before I dive into this preview/slideshow of my day... I really, Really, REALLY want a Happy Meal. PLEASE?







Oh, and guess what, guess what, guess what?

(Scary hyperactive voice)

...Are you guessing?

...Well, ARE YOU?



You remember my LAST San Francisco City Hall couple?



They brought back a souvenir from their honeymoon!



Tap, tap, this thing on?




They made me a BABY!

for me!!!

Just. For. ME!

(I'm allowed to PRETEND, people!)

Dear Elizabeth,

I blabbed. I'm sorry. FORGIVE ME. I have serious issues with impulse control.

Love, Emily

PS: YAY! It's a BOY! It's a BOY! It's a BOY!

...PPS: Wait, does this mean I can't put the flowers and bows on his head and make him wear tutus half naked on top of a box and stuff?

......PPPS: Crap.

PPPPS: Whose got a teeny tiny itsy bitsy Red Sox hat? Anyone? Anyone?

................................... Buehler... Buehler... Buehler..

(Long pause.)

.........PPPPPS: Just be glad I didn't post the belly shots.



I fixed my label issue. FINALLY. 18 hours straight; Do you hear me? EIGHTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT and I managed to resolve the label issue. Which MEANS... the Client Master Disc SweatShop is COMING! Yahoo!


.:MzRoseGuRL:. said...

AHHHH!!!! i literally jumped out of the chair and was screaming on how beautiful the pictures are and it's only a preview!!! OMG! you're soo freaking amazing please email me your address and your favorite Disney character! gurl i'm recommending you to everyone who's getting married!!

Unknown said...

I can vouch for Rose that she was so excited about the pics!!! after Terry & Rose were nice enough to let me crash at their place after one too many yager bombs LOL I woke up hung over and exitng the bathroom to Rose saying "Patcheek come look at the pictures Emily put up!" and I agree.....they're fantastic!! I've shown a bunch of people at my job and they agree as well, now if only I was included in one :) LOL j/k I know there will be one or two of me when you're done. Great Stuff Emily, you got my vote and I'm recommending you to future couples as well.