Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tic Toc, On the Clock, But the Party Doesn't Stop, No!

Cheerleaders. Did you know I was one? Four years. I was a base. it was the only sport or activity I was ever in that I didn't beg my mother to let me out of. Cotillion/Ball Room dancing? I'd rather die. (Boy cooties!) Softball? I put the helmet on backwards and got laughed off the plate. Girls Scouts? Most of the girls in my troop were popular and got off by making fun of me to the point I begged to be home schooled. Cheerleading was the only thing I ASKED to do, and voluntarily participated in, despite the fact that I found football games boring and the exercise involved only worth a half effort unless we were in front of an audience. But I did, really, really like it. And I wish I could still do it!

In fact, I did get a taste of coaching, if you recall this from a few days ago... ::snort::


(I so loved these guys!!)

But my time has passed, and the torch I held has been passed along to this little lady, whom I watched compete in the USA Cheer Competition at UC Davis on Sunday morning.  FREAKISHLY FLEXIBLE and gorgeous, is she not?! :D

(Blondey on the top)


(On the left on top! I am sooooo not a sports photographer)


(In the middle on the top!)


This munchkin scored a 2nd place trophy! SO AWESOME! YAY!

But as you can see, she would have much preferred a 1st place trophy. Nationals in 10 days in Las Vegas- she'll cream 'em!!)



bridechic said...

Do you know what your cheer leaders remind me of?

Oh Mickey you're so fine,
You're so fine, you blow my mind
Oh Mickey ...
On Mickey ...

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

That's awesome. I was cheerleading captain in highschool and miss it. I'm secretly hoping for a daughter to follow in the tradition. ;)