Sunday, March 7, 2010

Toulouse William Heizer

My dear, sweet, gorgeous, precocious, drives-me-crazy little boy turns THREE today!

Everybody sing Happy Birthday to baby Tootie!

PS Sorry for the crappy pictures. lol

Awwww, with my sister's doggie Clarence. I love this one. This is the day I brought Tootie home from the orphanage. :) 
Tootie's favorite past time is to go to the PetSmart "Zoo" to check out the birds and rodents. He loves to play in the puppy training center  too. lol Just sort of distracting to the puppies. 

He's so hyperactive I wish I could send him to preschool, he drives me NUTS!


Kristin and Jason said...

wow! I can't believe he is 3 already! Happy Birthday!

Alisa and David said...

Happy Birthday!! He is sooo cute, they grow up so fast =[