Friday, March 26, 2010

With love and admiration...

I just received this note from one of my Fall 2009 brides and I have to share because it made me weepy. :) You haven't seen this wedding yet, but you will! I have so many wonderful events and sessions to share with you guys- I'm going to be able to keep you all entertained for a very long time!

Okay, so I've been going through my pictures so much lately trying to choose which one's I'd like to have on display in my house and to fill my frames. I had to write and tell you how incredibly HARD it is.  You truly have a gift, my friend.  I adore all of them so much.  You were the reason I enjoyed my wedding day.  I look back on that day and forget (or at least lessen the effect) how stressful certain aspects were of that day.  You were the person I asked for advice.  You were the person that encouraged me to ignore the cranky people and focus on my husband and how happy he made me.  You were the person that ran interference. You were the person that knew the RIGHT answers to questions without even having to ask me.  You were the person that encouraged us to take "just a few more pictures" as you said we wouldn't regret it.  I'm here to tell you I don't regret one minute of making people wait. 

You captured everything I hoped for in the pictures when I searched for a photographer.  Even though I know this is not the last set of pictures you will take for me, the dedication you put into doing what I needed you to do will not be forgotten.  Cody and I both thank you sincerely.  I'll still write you every now and then and comment the blog but I really felt like I should write this email.

With love and admiration,


April said...

how sweet!

Linda said...

what a great thank you note!! :) I would keep that close to you so when you get discouraged you can remember. :)