Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home. (Washington DC and Virgina Wedding)

I said "Hi" to Mr. Lincoln on all of your behalfs. You're totally welcome, by the way.
all rights reserved copyright emily heizer

all rights reserved copyright emily heizer

I feel totally dumb for not going to the Capitol or the White House. I had it in my head, but it never transpired into words coming out of my mouth. Am I stupid or what? Good thing the sister of the bride (who is single, young and still early in her college career, but I am super confidant in her husband-attracting abilities) has totttaaallly already committed to hiring me as her wedding photographer. Phew! At least I'll have another chance to redeem myself. One of the guards at the Lincoln Memorial asked for my business card too, because she was so impressed we had a permit to do pictures when we showed up at 6am on Friday morning. Yay for Emily. Government officals are starting to not hate me and yell at me anymore for trespassing. Yay! (claps hands dorkily)


Linda said...

These are beautiful!! You are a great photographer!

Linda said...

These are beautiful!!

Alisa and David said...

A permit? Are you getting soft on me? I thought you enjoyed the danger =} I guess not on the actual wedding day...you were right to get the permit. Beautiful pictures!!

Becky said...

Awesome photos! The temple is so pretty and the couple is gorgeous not to mention the amazing photos!