Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Call to Arms!

Today, I spent some quality time with a couple of vertically challenged folks.

This one, I think I may have bored into a coma. (It might have had something to do with that warm bottle though too...)


This one? I think I just drove her flat out batty.


I'm a HORRIBLE conversationalist.

Well, these two thought so anyway.

Unless you want to talk about my cats?


Speaking of, I'm thinking of taking on an intern. What do you think? Of course, this is slave labor we're talking here. A few hours during the week, and then, as a reward for the whip-smackin' you'll take during the week, you get to come along to the weddings on the weekend, be my bag boy/girl, and maybe do some second shooting. Is that juicy enough of a bribe for someone out there ? Probably not. Especially since I would absolutely require that you baby talk to my cats like this:

But hey, it never hurts to ask.

Some of the things on my house-elf's (Insert Harry Potter-haters snicker here) honey-do list would be organizing my archival discs and contracts so I can be less of a paper slob. (This should be easy; they're all stuffed in a drawer and there might be some stuffed in the trunk of my car from years ago... PSYCHE! ... Sort of... Ahem.)

You'd also take over the process of burning master discs and all the hell which that entails, including packaging and labels. There'd be some client correspondence, advertising, some designing. There might also be some editing, prepping for weddings, and of course, I'm always here and available to be picked for ideas and advice on whatever.

On the weekends, or even sometimes during the work-week there will be engagement, family, maternity, newborn shoots and most exciting of all, weddings. I do have a second camera which you could shoot on, although it probably would be easier if the intern had their own camera, but this wouldn't by any means be a requirement. If you're too chicken to shoot in the beginning, it's totally ok too. (Because I like to be in control. LOL)

There's probably lots more things here that I am forgetting about, but, eh, this is just a general wondering right now. I'm thinking the office work during the week wouldn't take all that long to do, maybe 2 or 4 hours twice a week? I can be very flexible with hours since I work from home. (Oh yeah, I hope you don't tend to wear black... my cats are white, and they have free run of the furniture. CHEESE!)

There are a couple of pluses... instead of being stuck in an office you get to hang out at my house, which is my office, and get music or tv as background noise, and you can even do your work laying on the floor on splayed all over the couch. At least until you realize you're covered in cat hair... then you might want to sit at the table. But still... OPTIONS!

Shoot me an email if you're interested!

Oh, and BTW... cough, cough. I'M FINALLY BEING PUBLISHED!


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Shannon - Some Pretty Things Photography said...

Sigh. I would even iron the crinkles out of the paper work that got squished down where the spare tyre is in your trunk before filing it.

Let me know when you're over this way - I'm totally up for it!