Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FEATURED: I made it on RUFFLED BLOG! (screams)

Now I really AM world-famous! Ruffled is one of the BIGGEST wedding blogs out there and *I* made it! Congratulations to Matt & Erin for being world famous now too!!! :)



Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Emily, a fried Oreo is an Oreo dipped in batter, then fried, then sprinkled with powdered sugar, then dipper in dark chocolate sauce. It is to die for!

H. said...

Ok Emily i saw your comment on skyes post if you want to know where to get the ruffel bloomers/rompers go to etsy and type in ruffle rompers. i can get you the direct link if you cant find it... she is from cali. and she is awesome and gets them to you so super fast, like 5 days to you. crazy. let me know if you cant find them. leave me a comment back on my blog if you need to, or

P.s that wedding is awesome i wished i could get one like that.!!!!