Friday, July 2, 2010

A really touching letter from a stranger.

I received the following email this evening in response to one of my ads on KSL. The note came from someone named "Nancy."

Yet another girl with a camera that thinks they can moonlight as a photographer without the proper education and real world experience. I hope you feel great about ruining peoples once in a life time events with badly exposed, badly lit, awfully composed images that were taken with some cheap camera. You are not a photographer, you are a camera owner.

Thank you Nancy. This really touched my heart. It is so wonderful to see someone who feels passionately about their profession reach out into the community to try and help raise the standards. I won't include her personal email address here, since I know she would likely be inundated with emails from you all seeking advice, and for a sweetheart like her, I know she would just be overwhelmed with the responses. I have decided to include my response to her email. I am anxiously awaiting her reply!

Your message made me laugh! I haven't gotten one of these messages in YEARS! WOW! I mean, really it emphasizes to me how meaningless these messages are, especially considering where I am in my career, and for that, I thank you heartily. I know you meant to send this email as an insult, but I really hope you answer my message. Honestly!

I actually am a professional photographer, with professional grade equipment. I've owned my business for 5 years and am budding on almost 200 weddings under my belt. I've been featured on the Ruffled Wedding Blog, Rock n Roll Bride Blog, The LDS Bride Blog and Weddings in the World. I am also being published for the first time, with TWO weddings being featured in the summer issue of Bride and Groom! I am also up for the cover. I am still waiting to see if they selected my image yet.

I placed the ad on KSL because I am very interested in expanding my business to other states. I've been hired for two cross country destination weddings in the last year and loved them. I just got back from Washington DC for a wedding in May, actually. That wedding will be featured on the LDS Bride Blog. I'd love to do more traveling, specifically in Utah since my best friend from HS lives there.

Knowing all of that, does that change your opinion of my work at all? Specifically, what critiques do you have for the work of mine you've seen? I'm always interested in improving, and HONESTLY I really would love to hear back from you.

Have a great night.

Emily Heizer
Emily Heizer Photography
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What do you all think? (wicked smile...)

UPDATE: I decided to Swagbuck the email address and I found out that it appeared to be sent by another photography studio in the area! :-O So of course, I had to trot right on over there and spy on them, right? Well, there is a message right on the contact form for the studio saying any email from X email address is a hoax! Well la-dee-da then. Anybody want to write Nancy for advice? BIGGER WICKED SMILE. Here's her bogus email:

Am I being mean? What do you think?


Shannon - Some Pretty Things Photography said...

I'm resisting the temptation to sign that address up to several of the more prolific porn-SPAM sites...

How very strange. I wish i had enough time in my life that i could waste minutes bagging people out by email.

Linda said...

Ignore her! You are a great photographer and you do wonderful work!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Oh, thank you so much for making me laugh!! I love, love, love your response! I am so forwarding this to people I know!

April said...

bahahaha! Some people are so weird. You are awesome, and no, you are not being mean.

Amanda Good said...

Wow! Lmao Can you say drama? "Nancy" is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

ooh how terrible.......even though you have risen above it I still don't get why someone would do something so shitty!!!!.....that would have really upset me and I bet it bothered you a bit too......your work is lovely and I feel the green eyed monster of jealousy got the better of them.....keep up the great work.....and to "Nancy" have you heard the saying "what goes around comes around.... jog on !!! love Andrea

Logan said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think you were being mean at all and I think your work is amazing. I think Nancy is probably a very unhappy person to attack work that is so beautiful! She's clearly jealous of your photography skills! :)

Coleen said...

Oh man. I got the SAME email last night from "Nancy". I let my ever resourceful dad know about it, and here is what he dug up.

Nancy's real name is Russell Smith, he is the manager/owner of Xpose Photography based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He has gotten some really nasty reviews (to the point of being sued by multiple clients) on the local business pages and is trying to bolster business by attacking others.

Anyways, your stuff is waaaaaay better than his, so I can see why he would be gunning for you :)