Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lake Tahoe Vintage in the Sun (Sarah & Alex)

Sarah & Alex got married on Tuesday September 7th, which I have been referring to for the last several months as Monday, September 7th, but luckily, I did come on Tuesday instead of Monday, but like I told Sarah, it would have been fine if I came on Monday! I would have just been extra early! :0)

I did the trek out to Tahoe this morning, the trek home this evening, bawled in the car per usual, but I did have some of the tasty minty tea lemonade (so delicious!) and I did have a taste of the crostini and spinach dip at the wedding (Thanks for sharing guys, I did eat a little!) which was excellent as well! I also made a pit stop at the clearance rack at Old Navy on the way home in search of this flouncy yellow blouse I have been stalking for many months and not only found it, but managed to stuff myself into a size small version of it. I realize under Old Navy sizing this does not mean a whole lot, but this is a new accomplishment, so I guess there are perks to the inability to eat. If it were not for the endless stream of trucks who insisted on driving 20mph UNDER the speed limit, general life circumstances, and the crying, of course, it would have been a pretty perfect day for me, (rolls eyes... was that enough caveats for you?) and I think it had to have been the perfect day for Sarah & Alex, except for the fact Alex had a nasty case of the flu, but at least he made it through the ceremony and cake cutting, eh? And looking so dapper at that! Sarah's looking pretty gorgeous too! You'll die when you see the rest of the details... these guys went Etsy crazy and they did AWESOME. All in all, PERFECT! all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved

Two weddings down for the week, one to go.

PS: That shirt I was wearing today? I am never wearing that again! I bought it without trying it on and it is way too big! I looked like I had The Great Pumpkin stuffed up my shirt! The yellow shirt I bought on clearance in a size small? Well the shirt I wore today is the same shirt in blue in a large! Yeah, I think I got the wrong size! Good thing they were practically free!

And who can possibly deny that I am capable of living in denial for a full... however-many-minutes-it-took-me-to-write-up-this-preview?

Ok, back to hibernating until Tiff & Jeff's wedding this weekend.

PPS: For some reason my sidebar has decided it would rather be at the bottom of this page if anybody was looking for it. Just scroll down. I dunno why it's doing that. (???)

Did I do okay today?


Paige said...

Love the flags and the flowers.
Well done on that thing.
All the images look like your best!

melissa said...

Just breathtaking. Really really beautiful images. Love the one of the couple looking up at them. And that hair. Too cool.

Teresa K said...

Great images. The last two are my favorite from the set. The process on the b&g is perfect!

Fabuluxe Photos said...

The colors are really amazing. - Nice logo!

Sarah said...

Em, your the most amazing photographer, EVER. you made me feel so pretty, and made us both laugh with your humor. we can't wait to see the rest. heart you