Monday, September 6, 2010

The Blue Goose in Loomis Wedding (Rachel & Josh's Wedding)

Josh & Rachel got married last weekend and had their reception at The Blue Goose in Loomis!

Josh wrote and sang to Rachel as a surprise wedding gift during their reception on Sunday. He is a wonderful musician and Rachel's reaction was really emotional. Be there with us...

In keeping with my overall theme and personal philosophies, these images were all shot without a flash. It is always my goal to be as unobtrusive as possible. I don't want to be in the way, distracting, or bringing attention to myself when you are trying to live out a moment of your life here.
It is extremely important to me that my clients be able to experience the sacred, important, special, treasured moments in their lives without being overwhelmed with the flash of a camera. I have one camera that shoots absolutely silently so I can sneak pictures, and I have another that makes a click, but I can use both without using a flash if I have enough ambient light. If I have to use a flash, of course I will, but if there is any opportunity NOT to, I always seize it.
In this way, I was able to get these shots without detracting from the overall experience and moment between Rachel and Josh or greatly distracting the guests while Josh sang to his bride.
Or at least, I hope so!

I always try my best, and I suppose, it's all we can ever really do. all right reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved all rights reserved

Also at the wedding I ran into Greg & Joanna, whose extremely popular wedding I shot in September of 2008. (Or click here for their engagement session.) Great seeing you guys and Joanna is graduating from school in late winter so congrats on school and Happy almost Anniversary.

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Still just surviving over here... I saved all my tears for the car ride home after the wedding, as rightly so, but the above was one of those sweet gestures I wanted to share. Every day seems to be a harder day than the last, but I just hope for the day when my burden will be lightened and try to keep going until that day. In the meantime, Amelia (my cat) has elected herself the "Velcro Cat-Elect" and pesters me into several naps a day. Carrying so much weight... I suppose I need a rest.

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Unknown said...

I love that first shot you have posted. How sweet!